suppressing a 17FB


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It seems that some cartridges can be hard to suppress compared to others. For those of you that shoot a 17FB how loud is it compared to other rounds when suppressed? My 222 and 20VT are pretty quiet but I haven't threaded my 17FB yet and thought I would ask, is it worth it. It seems to be very loud and have a sharper crack than my other rifles.
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Not exactly apples to apples but I shoot my 17 Hornets with my TBAC 223 can on them and it reduces them down to levels that just make you giggle every time you pull the trigger.

Obviously a 17FB shoots a bit more powder than does the 17 Hornet but I bet a good 223 can would reduce the muzzle blast considerably over shooting it with no can. I think it would be well worth it but I shoot pretty much everything suppressed now days.
I run a can on my 17 MachIV and really get along well with it. Sure is worth it to me. I have a 24" barrel on it and to me it is quieter than my 20" 223.
I run my SAS .22 cal suppressor on .17 Hornet, .17 AH, .17 Fireball, .17 Rem., 17/204 and like the results that I get from all of them.

You won't be disappointed. Just do it.
The 17 fb with a can is pure magic. It’s about like shooting a hummer. The thing people totally leave out about suppressed shooting it the amount of recoil taken out. There is very little recoil. The less powder and blast really is nice. My 17fb running a can is a rifle I am obsessed with, it’s that good
Thanks guys, I just don't shoot the FB much anymore because it isn't threaded. I guess I will get it done rather than letting it sit in the safe. It may become my nite fox gun.
With a TBAC Ultra 7 on my 18" .17 Mach IV, it's almost like shooting an air rifle, only with less recoil. Pure sweetness.

if a guy likes shooting .17 fireball suppressed, they will love the .17 h or the .17 AH. Just makes a guy giggle every time he whacks a prairie dog..
I've wanted to do a short barrel TC .17AH (suppressed) for quite a while now. Think it would make a killer console rider.