Tagged out in NC


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My wife had one more tag to fill. Her story as she wrote it:

Turkey season was coming to an end. I still had one tag to fill and Greg had already filled his tags. He had things to do so I was on my own. While getting my stuff ready Greg asked me if I had gotten my “bone call” out of the glove compartment and I told him I had not. I should have stopped what I was doing and retrieved my call but when I got to my destination, I remembered, I didn’t get my call. I thought we may have had a spare but I couldn’t find one so Greg told me to make my own. He had two wing bones in the refrigerator so I started working on my new bone call. While working on mine, I remembered where there may be some other ones. I found them but they didn’t sound as good as the one I was using that was in the truck. I finished cleaning the wing bones and put them together. They sounded pretty good so I was good to go. The next morning I was at my blind just after daylight. I could hear a gobbler a long way off, across a creek on another property. I made a few calls but he never came my way. About an hour or so later, I had a hen come through and checked out my hen decoy, which she didn’t particularly like. She finally moved on out and I made some more calls. A couple of hours later after using my box call and bone call I heard a gobbler a long way off but he was coming closer from behind me over my right shoulder as I continued calling. He went silent and I didn’t know where he was but it didn’t take me long to find out where he was after he started running past me, out of sight with no shot. It seems that has happened a lot this season. I started calling with my box call and after a few minutes I switched to my glass slate call, which I very seldom use. I was doing some low clucking, purring and yelping and I was interrupted by a gobbler and he was close, less than 100 yards. He was coming from the same direction my last one came from so I put down my call and got ready and sat like a statue for about 45 minutes but never heard another gobble. I was getting a little dejected and discouraged, 2021 Season had not been very good to me. So in about 15 to 20 minutes I called on my box call and then after about 10 minutes I picked up my glass slate call and started my series of low clucking, purring and yelping and was interrupted again by a gobbler and he was close. I wasn’t sure where he was and I thought he was behind me but he was in front of me. I could see him coming towards my hen decoy. He walked a little then would stop, then he started walking until he got within about 40 yards of me. He was just standing there in the shadows looking around. I could see his long beard and his head moving back and forth so I decided I needed to take my shot. Boom and down he went and the rest is history. My tags were filled.