Tell me about the FP Patriot


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I'm always on the outlook for inexpensive effective e-callers to test/use. has it for $139 and you can program it to your liking with 35 of FPs sounds.

I could call for the rest of my life with 35 of FPs sounds of my choice on a caller.

How is the remote on this caller? I rarely have a caller more then 50 yards from me.

I find most callers have way too much stuff on them that is way more trouble than it is worth. I prefer a caller that is about as complicated as mouth call but can be used remote and with a variety of prey sounds you can't produce easily on a mouth call.

What say you about the Patriot.

i have more callers than 1 man should legally be allowed to own. the patriot is the one that goes with me 99% of the time.
it is , small, light and easy to carry. has enough volume for the places i call. remote works very good and is simple to use. batteries last a long time.

it's just a dang handy caller.
Hi All,
long time member here just not an active poster these days but have the need to upgrade my 10 years old Foxpro Spitfire.

Noticed this post and was interested in your thoughts of the PATRIOT as its replacement.

It looks very much like the SPITSIRE but I would be wanting the technology improvement that the last 10 years would be available.

Practically sound quality more importantly.

I'D BE DISAPOINTED IF IT WAS BASICALLY THE SAME UNIT given the amount of tec in models on offer from the likes of Icotec ect
Sorry, l don’t know anything to help you. I did just get a nightstalker plus from icotec and the remote range is AWESOME.
Remote range is awesome with all icotec models for sure.

I have issues with the Foxpro Wildfire remotes distance. Spotty past? 30 yards