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Please take the time to post a little about yourself.

Pretty please....?

Everybody avoiding this topic?
Hell, I aint shy......
34-yrs old, divorced, got three small children whom I wouldn't trade for the world(living with thier mother at the time).
I'm an Independant Contractor by trade, and I run an independant licensed commercial tannery on the side...(Champion Tannery).
Interests other then the obvious...building engines, fishing, and spending time with the kids.
I see a lot of names instead of nick names over here....Jim Champion is the name.
I guess that covers it.
~River Runner~
Well here goes.

I am married for 29 years to the same great woman (lets me go hunting enough said). I have seven great children. Six girls and one boy. Three of the oldest are off on thier own and have three grandchildren two girls one boy.

I have been hunting since the mid 60's mostly varmints. Been calling coyotes and cats since I got out of the Army in 76.

Lost my foot in an on the job accident that is why the handle onefoot.

My real name is Kevin Bowler

I have now been working for the government as a civilain for the last 17 years, I pay all the other government wokers at Ft. Huachuca Arizona.

All my family love getting outdoors hunting, fishing and camping. Since getting down here we are still exploring the areas for hunting and camping...This set of girls really love to track varmints in the desert when it is cool.

I am starting to get ready to go out after Mountian Lions with a mouth call, in two weeks after the Javilina hunt is over.

Hope to show you some photos.

Vote Freedom First Join the NRA.
Onefoot Formaly Of the Utah Western Desert

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Well hell I am a retired equipment operator, spent 22 years on the Alaska pipeline, been married to the same woman (#3) for 28 years, will be 60 in a few months, have a lathe and a heck of a gun collection, love to hunt varmints of any type, like to call coyotes, or just sit in the woods and watch critters play. Got flamed for not shooting some yote pups just out of the den a while back, but hey, thats my business. Like to bs on this confounded contraption, but have met and hunted with some real nice folks via this thing. Like to take young kids out in the woods and show them tracks and try to start them right. Got a short fuse so dont post too much, say the wrong things. Sure like to hide and listen though. See ya
39 years old, married with no children yet, but the good news is that I finally read a book on the subject and seem to have figured it out since we are expecting in July.

I am ranch raised ,except for the last 3 years have lived and worked on our families three ranches here in North West AZ.
I have been involved with horses and rodeo all of my life, didn't have much choice really, my father was the 1964 worlds champion team roper. Sometimes I wish he would have stuck a golf club in my hand instead of a rope though.

I turned pro at 16 , qualified for the National Finals a couple of times in the mid eighties. No longer hold my pro status but keep involved by teaching roping and horsemanship clinics . I still do compete although a serious shoulder surgery set me back a tad.
I have been a hunter since I can remember, with almost 300,000 acres to roam as a kid I created no small amount of havoc.

I got started reloading in my early teens when my father found out how much I was costing the ranch in shells. Have stuck with it ever since even though I find that it really doesent save anything anymore, I just like to roll my own I guess.

Believe I was about 12 when I first got started calling coyotes, have made most of the mistakes everyone else has , except I pride myself on committing a new one at least every other time out.

I am self employed, I supply the product that the foam on Coke is made from.
I also train roping horses as a side line and along with my teaching it keeps me as busy as I want to be.

Take care everyone and I hope to get to know you all much better in the near future.
Thanks for yer time, William Craig Hamilton.
Well I'll be damned.... Mr. Hamilton, I knew I recognized your name from somewhere. It is an honor to be part of this board with you.

Well enough about you, lets talk about me for a minute.

I am 25 years old, been hunting predators for 14 years now. I am a very underpaid machinist. I'm not married but I am engaged (havn't set a date yet) I have been with the same wonderful woman for 6 years now (she even hunts with me)


Idle hands may be the devils work, but idle minds are so much worse
well i'm 44 years young,been married to the same lady for 21 years.i have two boys both in college.have been hunting since the early 70's been into predators since around 1975.when i shot my first fox(a gray)i thought,this is fun.when coyotes made themselfs known around here(about 1980)is when i realy got the predator bug.coyotes are an amazing critter and i just love trying to out smart an adult coyote,its the ultimate.i have done alot of night hunting for fox and coyote with the shot gun, but in recent years i enjoy daylight hunting them with a rifle.
Steve here the ditch that runs across my property is called Buck Run. I thought that sounded good so I took that as a nick name. I am 40 years old, married 20 years to my first and only wife. We have 3 kids. 17 B, 11 B, 5 G. Each is 6 years apart I told the wife she better be very careful this year. I can't afford any more. : )

I have been reloading for 22 years or so and have built quite a collection of firearms. I started hunting fox in 1990 but didn't stick with it very long. Just getting back into it last year. So far I haven't had any success with coyotes. I read several of the bulletin boards on varmint hunting. I am sure my luck will change soon. I have been getting with some other bulletin board members and hunting or planning hunts. MAN THIS IS FUN!!!
I am a healthy 53 year old teenager, born and bred on the arid West Coast of South Africa, where people still call a spade a spade. Got first pair of shoes 4 years after first airgun. Understanding wife (married for 29 years) and 3 great kids. Been living on a tranquil small farm near Johannesburg and preaching the gospel of Quality & Service Excellence in an international engineering group for the last 2 decades.
Been doing boating, fishing, spear fishing & scuba, sky diving, running, cycling, triathlons, river-canoeing, off-road racing, hiking, shooting, hunting, etc., but lately mostly hunting.
If you were to measure me by the $-value of animals killed and my weapons arsenal, I’ll fail your test as “the great white African hunter”. If, however, you were to measure my in terms of my passion for hunting and time spent in the bush, I’ll get much better marks.
Hunted myself into a bank overdraft in recent years, so thought up creative ways for hunting at low cost or for free (varmint, culling, handgun, bow, etc). Regularly go night calling for jackal, caracal and other predators near my home.
Currently putting a web site together to share these hints with other budgeted hunters. (Special features on predator calling and the Black backed jackal!!).
Attended professional hunting school recently for personal enrichment, but (as corporate employee with limited annual leave) have no immediate plans for big time PH/outfitter activities. Maybe later.
Planning on spending another 3 decades on the planet; meanwhile living flat-out and specializing in thankfulness.
Well, lets see here. Everyone so far has mentioned a wife and kids as being a big part of their family life. Since I am a 62 year old bachelor, this will be a little different. Present dependents include 2 horses and 4 dogs. I won't include the chickens and peacocks that hang out around here.

I started hunting with hounds when I was 20 years old, and over the years ran them on about all the tree game that is normally associated with hound hunting; 'coon, bear, bobcat, cougar, and gray fox. A few years ago, I noticed that the mountains were getting steeper than they used to be, and the new laws and regulations pertaining to hunting with hounds were getting more and more restrictive. When they finally told me that I couldn't even turn a hound loose around here for half the year, it was the straw that broke the camel's back, and I started looking around for a different kind of dog.

Somewhere along the line I had also become interested in predator calling. I decided to get an Airedale pup and train it to hunt with a predator call. Not as a decoy/tolling dog that is sometimes associated with coyote hunting. There aren't a lot of coyotes here where I live and do most of my hunting. I intended to continue hunting the same kind of game I had been hunting for years; just in a different way. I needed a dog that would lay next to me on a calling stand, and would run, catch, or tree anything I called in. I now have 3 Airedales trained to hunt this way, and it works!

Another major change crept in over the years. I noticed quite awhile back that live animals make better pictures than dead ones, and I began carrying a camera on my hunts. I soon found out that it is just about impossible for one person alone to handle both a gun and a camera, and be effective with either one of them. The camera began to take precedence over the gun. Be forewarned, any who decide to try this. It can be very addictive. So much so, that aside from a little squirrel hunting in the fall, I rarely carry a gun anymore.

I've only had this high-tech type writer about a year now. It's been fun, and a good way to spend a part of the winter. The world is certainly a much smaller place. I see some of the people here are starting to list their ICQ numbers. Mine is listed in my profile. Don't expect to find me around here much in the summer. Once the weather turns nice, I spend more time camped in the mountains somewhere than I do at home.
49 years old, married 23 years i love to hunt and fish, the longbow has been my passion for 20 +years I love to call critters Elk Turkey Coyote and big old honkers, Next year I'm going to spend some time on Cats.

Well I'm 60 now and the rest is the same, I never did spend anytime on cats and I guess i don't plan on it anymore..
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I've hunted all my life and trapped when I was a kid. I'm 43 and I been a Deputy Sheriff for 23 years now. Right now I'm working on trying to fill my cougar tag and getting ready for a spring bear hunt. I also hunt coyotes and other varmints. Nice thing about my wife is she is also my hunting partner.

Ok, here goes...I am 20 years old, a college student currently attending Lincoln Trail College, a 2 year community college. After that (next fall) it's off to the University of Illinois to study history and major in pre-law. Then Law School, I've already heard the jokes guys, so lets save em! After law school, I plan to go to work as a higly paid attorney supporting people's rights to bear arms and say what they want, or whatever they pay me to do, but thats what I would like to do, even considering working for the NRA.
Other hobbies of mine include hunting other stuff, mainly turkeys, and fishing, I really enjoy tournament bass fishing and won my first national tournament last year (first one I ever entered! gotta love beginners luck!) I also play a little golf and race motocross on 4-wheelers.
Ummm, I think that pretty much sums it up

Oh yeah, and I am glad to be in the company of all you older, and much more knowledgeable predator hunters so I can hopefully learn a trick or two!
Lets see...
Randy Ellwood is my name. I grew up in Northern Idaho, then lived in Palm Springs, CA and graduated high school there. Moved to Pheonix, AZ for tech school before moving to Alaska for a job.

I have been married to a wonderfully understanding wife for 7 years. We have 2 sons, a 3yo and a 1yo. I am 29 until May then I'll be....3#@$...29 again!

I work for an electrical engineering firm as a CADD technician/designer.

I have been predator hunting for about 4 years now and have taken coyotes, foxes and a wolf. Still trying for my first bear, hopefully this spring. I enjoy 4-wheeling (Honda Foreman 450ES) and camping in the summer along with some long range varmint hunting. In the winter when not predator hunting I am either working on one of my VW Bugs ('65 & '68) or snowmachining and enjoying Alaska's beauty.

I also enjoy big game hunting for moose and caribou.

Randy in Alaska
Randy in Alaska's Pages
"American by birth, Hunter by choice"

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Well I own my own Gun store I am also a gunsmith.
I been into hunting just about all my life.
I have two wonderful kids, and a wife that came along for the ride

we have been hitch for a little over 13 years going on 14 this June.
I love to hunt the hunter and sometimes just look at them come into the call for a photo or two. And I enjoy being with friends.

Jason's Gun Room

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This predator thing is all Tom Huck's fault. Before meeting him I was content with the odd shot at one where I live now and then. Mike Gibson is my name and I live near Dufur Oregon. I have a wife that is soon to be sainted for tolerating me for almost 27 years. Two boys, 23 & 20 and they are getting into reloading so in spite of my best efforts them seem to have turned out OK. My gun collection is unusual in that I seem to buy the guns everyone says aren't much good. Which includes a Savage 12bvss (ask Tom how it shoots:), a Ruger 22 Hornet vhz that shoots fine for me and a Remington 597 that now shoots even better with a new hammer in it. Oh I almost forgot the vital statistics. I'm 57 and a retired power plant mechanic. Now I work for a local farmer and enjoy the decrease in stress level. The name Mike-OR comes from an Ag chat room where I got tired of telling people 20 times an evening I was from Oregon:)
Mike. . .

Welcome to Predator Masters.

Yes, calling critters is certainly addictive. I hope that Predator Masters helps to ease the symptoms of calling fever ‘til you can get out for your next “predator” fix.

However, perhaps an additional word of warning is called for here.

Many Predator Master members have reported to becoming equally addicted to this message board.

After extensive research, we have concluded that you can relieve the Predator Masters message board symptoms by simply going calling. When your calling urge has been satisfied, you’ll experience an ever increasing urge to get back to the ‘puter so you can log on here.

I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but you’ll now have to call critters the rest of your life and when not doing that, you’ll must likely end up here.

Life’s a bitch ain’t it...

ok here goes. I'm 50,married 26 years ,three children of whom the youngest one gets out of high school this year and into the Army. I'm an Army vet 69-72,I've drove trucks since high school and still do. Started calling cats and coyotes in the 60's,sometimes deer and elk season slow me down, but not for long. I like bullet casting and go fishing if I don't have time to shoot.

I just wanted to second what AzWill said, and add one more thing, IF you are successful in your calling endeavors, that need to come back to the boards is increased even more for a need to get back to the boards and BRAG a little about your success, and if you arent successful, you will find the need to come back and ask why it was so, or just to whine a little that you didnt get anything when everyone else probably did!
If however you dont go calling, you will spend your day waiting until you feel there are enough new posts to come back to the boards and check out anything that may be new! You will probably visit 2 or more times a day at least!
Yep, predator hunting, and talking about predator hunting is almost like herion, although I have been told its a harder habit to break!
One other note, you will also constantly annoy your family members and friends with CONSTANT talk about predator hunting, reloading, shooting, and other stuff involved, most likely leading to people avoiding you or telling you "I dont want to hear about hunting" from the word hello!
Good luck everyone!!
I'm just a little over 60 years old, married a little over 40 years, raised five children, have 16 grandchildren and I am a retired Police detective. I love calling wild critters and making the calls to do that with. I love good guns, good friends and good campfire stories.