Tenpoint 505


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And at the very moderate price of $3100. Advertised as the worlds fastest crossbow with speeds above 500FPS shooting a 400 grain bolt. Hard to think a crossbow can cost more than a nice custom rifle.
I believe they make a version of the 505 (Ten Point nitro 505/xero) that's around $4,500, might as well go all the way!
Nice bows, but I think I'll stick with my simple Excalibur Matrix 380 which gets the job done!
I shoot an Excalibur Grizzly. It shoots 305 FPS consistently and will blow through a deer. Its not they are armored plated. I think I'll keep using it and save my money for a new string every couple of years.
I will also stick with my Excalibur Bulldog 440. Picked it up from a retired fellow for $600 and couldn't be more pleased. Can do self string changes in 5 minutes. The simplicity of Excalibur X Bows is amazing.
I have the Ten Point Vengent S440 fps, my nephew a rich man has the new 505, we shot them simultaneously at softballs at 50 yards, the difference to the human eye , and hearing as the arrows struck was non discernible. And I believe my crossbow is the industries narrowest, a real plus to me.Whatever rocks your world, my bow will shoot through a bull moose at 40 yards, been there done that, Newfoundland. What more do I need?
I have an old Horton Hunter sx bought new is 96’. It’s only 300/315 fps ( if I remember)and blows through deer like a knife though butter. I also upgraded to a Stryker solution SL a few years back. Claimed velocity it’s 390 fps. I see zero difference “on deer performance” with the extra 90 fps gain. It does shoot flatter so that’s what I like with the faster Xbow. I can tell you at 25 yards the striker will blow through a block target vs the Horton stops with just the broadhead poking out the back. My buddy is trying to talk me into Ravin. Just can’t justify the stupid prices manufactures inflated their Xbow’s in the last two to three years. Just about swallowed my tongue when I spent $1200 on the Solution. The trigger is soooo light on it! I would guess around 2 pounds. The only down side is there is no cocking crank on the solution and it has to be shot to release the string. You can pick them up used for about half the price as new now. A friend bought a cheap $249 off brand from Cabelas. Shoots great and is a out as fast as mine. No need to spend $3G on a 440 to 500 fps crossbow when a $250 one can shoot 400 fps.
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