Texas Aggie Pilots (borrowed)


along with his new aggie co-pilot. As they approached the runway, the copilot remarked how short the runway was. The pilot knew they'd be in for a tough and rough landing and relayed safety information to the passengers over the speaker.
As the plane neared the runway they lowered their landing gears. The pilot made sure the co-pilot knew that as soon as they touched down they would have to stand on the breaks and reverse thrust as soon as possible.
As the plane touched down the pilots tried with all their power to stop the aircraft before it ran off the runway. They failed but it came to a quick stop after it was off the runway. They looked at each other and wiped the sweat from their brow. "Man. That was a short runway, but we got it landed and stopped within a reasonable distance"
",yeah" the co pilot explained ," the funny thing is, this runway is wider than it Is long!"