Thanks for all the help


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I started posting here a while back on many questions I had with my AR 15 build as it was my first. Well, today I finally had a chance to shoot it for the first time. Quite honestly, I was a little apprehensive, (new barrel install, gas plug and different stock) as to whether or not it would fire.
Well, it did. The whole shooting session went off without a hitch. New Wilson barrel was fantastic shooting 1/2" groups when I got her on paper. Shooting 55 gr Sierra's with 25.0 grs. of H-335. So, thanks to all the members that assisted me with this build. Now I sit here waiting for my new 22 Creedmoor barrel for my next build.
I've got a 20" Wilson Barrel in a .223 Wylde that shoots good also. Getting ready to load some Sierra 65 GK's up and see what they will do. Glad yours is doing great.