The changing face of Predator Masters

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As you may know, Predator Masters has been long in need of a facelift. Your BoDs and mods are painfully aware of the limitations of our software and webhosting. Currently your BoDs and mods are making progress on our "site migration" project.

In anticipation of this project, we will be reorganizing the look of the forums. We will be moving some forums around in the order that they appear on our website, renaming some forums and consolodating some sub-forums into forums where they really belong instead of being scattered around.

We are NOT deleting forums. It might appear that way because you may not find them where you may be used to.

We understand that many of us get comfortable with things being in certain places for so long and it might be initially frustrating to have to loom in another location as you scroll down our page. We ask for your patience in this.

We will all have to go through this when we migrate so this will be good practice.

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