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I have gone back thru time to bring the answers to the most common asked questions about the AR platform. This has taken hours to do, and without a doubt some wont see it. Even in the event of it being a sticky which I hope it happens! Some will read this thread and still post a question about AR scope mounts because for some reason they may think they will get a different answer than the hundreds before them, human nature I guess. I have broke it out to include lots of items, If you have a thread in mind that deserves to be included, or one you posted in the past, please PM me with a link to the thread, I will insert it into this first post. It is my intention to put as much AR info into this post as possible, but keep it organized at the same time. By the way 500 pages back in the F&R section is only about a year and a half.

If you see your question...... kind of asked here, READ the links, chances are your question might get answered. Plus reading about the firearms you own just expands your knowledge on the firearm itself, how bad is that.

These links were lost in the last software upgrade. Some of them have been replaced on page 3 of this thread.

[color:"blue"]AR Scope Mounts [/color]
Wether you want or think you need a 1-piece mount, or rings and or risers read up on it here.

Every 1 piece mount on the market...right here!
The one and only......LaRue
Warne Rings
Honestly I am quitting here on this subject, I could fill the page with these and they are all the same. Read a couple of these have read them all.

[color:"blue"] Stocks, for your AR[/color]
Butt Stocks

[color:"red"] I know some of you guys have great links to the stocks you have installed, PM them to me, I will post up. [/color]

[color:"blue"] AR Barrel length discussions [/color]
Light weight
Walking rifle
18" or 20"
16" vs. 20"
16" or 18" barrel
[color:"red"] send me those links on how loud your 16" barrel is compared to longer ones [/color]

[color:"blue"]Scopes for your AR [/color]

This all really boils down to your purpose for the rifle and the money in your pocket. Is it a hunter (lower magnification range) or a colony varmint bench shooter (higher end magnification )

[color:"blue"] Triggers for your AR [/color]
Single Stage vs. 2 Stage triggers, submitted by Evil Lurker!
Jewell install and adjustment links
2 Stage with install report

[color:"blue"] Discussions on different brands of AR's [/color]
Rock River Predator Pursuit
Most accurate stocker?
Rack rifle/build yourself/Custom....good read.
Remember your R-15 isnt really any different than any other AR out there.

[color:"blue"] 204 AR Talk, reloading etc. [/color]
From of 20 Cal info
204/223 mags interchangable?

[color:"blue"]AR Kits, building threads [/color]
Build instructions with pictures!
A few links to lower parts kits
More Lower info
Mods thread, grip, trigger guard and Tac latch
22-250 AR?
More build talk

[color:"blue"] AR Picture Threads[/color]

[color:"blue"]AR Reloading and other stuff. [/color]
From 223 page, TONS of info here
Seating Depth
Upper Limit Loading
Pressure Signs
Dented cases?
More crimping info
Wylde Chamber
More on the Wylde
5.56....223 ??????
Some heavy bullet loads
Just a good thread about 223 powders
9 Twist load talk
Feed and ejection problems, good read for info.
Which Dies?
6X45 AR Powder

[color:"blue"] Cleaning [/color]
Field Stripping and Cleaning
[color:"blue"] Please dont ask about barrel break in.....enough reading here to make you vomit!! [/color]

Why an AR
AR vs. Bolt gun for hunting coyotes

[color:"purple"]The Official Predator Masters Target [/color]
[color:"purple"] knock'emdowns Sightin Target [/color]
[color:"purple"]knock'emdowns Sightin Target #2 Brighter Colored
[color:"purple"]Furhunters Sightin Target [/color]
[color:"purple"]Furhunters Sightin Target #2[/color]

[color:"red"] My intension is this to be a work in progress and want help from other members here in adding to it. I have about 2 hours in this at the time of original posting. Many more in it since. Lets keep adding to it and turn it into a 1 stop AR info thread. Send me a PM with the info, or post below and I will add it to the top page here.

Furhunter [/color]
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Great idea, I've thought of same myself but never got off my butt to do it. Your post is also much better organized than the one in my head.

Heck yes, it's a sticky!!

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Not sure that this is what you have in mind but its a good read and addresses .223 reloading for AR's and is quite informative.

No thats a great idea!! Some of this stuff I just wont be able to think of all by my self. I put it up there, I also linked their 20 cal page under the 204 stuff.