The first annual Peaches and Cream outing.


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just got in from the gathering today. several folks shooting. we all had a great time and ate to much food. here are a few pics with more to follow i am sure
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Awesome day!! It was great visiting with friends, eating and shooting some guns! A big thanks to Rob for inviting us all out.
Now I may have to get another job so I can get me a nice bench gun. THANKS ALOT!!!
thanks rob for putting the shot on had a great time with everyone learned alot and met some new good guys, oh ya you guys see me hit the 300 yard with my marlin 60 LOL!!! only took 36 shots and 7 feet of hold over LOL!!!!! yahooooooooooooooooo im still pumped!!!!!got to get the group pic up. talk at ya later guys.

You're the perfect host, buddy. We had a rockin' time.

I just walked in the door, nice drive down and back. I'll throw in some pictures as soon as I dump them.

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My brother and i had a great time today,,ive always told him that some of the best guys youll ever meet,,are on this he knows im not BSing him.

Thanks for having us up Rob...and for the gifts.

I am currently looking up info on a .223 AI in a dusty said...Thanks guys!!

I really appreciate you having everybody out today but I did have a problem. I think I have been ballisticly scared for life. Thanks to our friends from up north.
No seriously does anyone have Dr. Phil's number?

P.S. VTR I hate to tell you this the ding you heard I dropped the hotdog tongs on the grill.
LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well the 2nd annual peaches shoot ill do it again this time it will only take 35 shots LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! had a great time still pumped up looking at 700 models all day planning my new naildriver for next year later!!!!!
No doubt, I got to shoot some of the finest rifles I've ever shot. Every now and then a guy comes across a rifle 'he just can't miss with'.

Well, there was a couple tables full of them there!!! My trigger finger was twitching when I fell asleep last night. LOL!

I was kickin' butt and ringing the gongs with my bean field rifle, then that maniac Crowfoot started doing it with his Contender pistol. LOL!

Rob, I had a chance to wring out those two calls on the drive home. The little one is tuned just like I like 'em. Thanks again!

Regards, friends.

Well, here's the pictures I took. Sadly, the group shot picture did not default to internal memory when my memory card filled up. We lost that one, dang it.

Here's the range; some of the gongs were so far out you can't see them here:


This is Rob's 'happy face'. We saw it after almost every shot. LOL:




Here's Chef Crowfoot. Tim brought some killer bear brats too!





great pics rudy.. jeff said to tell you hello at dinner last night. after the shoot yesterday tim,mike, and myself drove down to portsmouth and met fw707 and getfoxy for dinner. once again good food and good times were had.
Rob built a frame that's barely visible up in the top left corner. He hung steel plate and bowling pins on chains from it.

It's a little over 400 yards, right?

We were all able to rock them every now and then. Awesome range. Steel plates everywhere, gongs, paper targets, steel groundhogs, spinners. He really put on a nice show!


yup that stand was at about 412 yards rudy. i am really glad that yall had a good time. it was great to meet everyone. a couple of the high points for me on the day was eating bear for the first time and hitting the steel at 300 yards with a handgun.
Looks like it was an awesome time.

Tim, Jeff, Mike, Rob.. It was a killer time. Really enjoyed myself. Maybe can do it agian somewhere down the road.
Looks like a great fun!!! Nice to have that much yardage to shoot at.

I see Dusty isn't any better looking than the last time I saw him!!!