The Rubber Rabbit !!!!!!!!!! Yes It Really Does Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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This is introducing a call that has been driving me nuts for along time..This is a very limited release that only a few will be released for test purposes only!! I wanted a all rubber call including the tone board to aid in really getting some crazy sounds out of the call.. After many failures and a few cuss, words I have the call completed.. I will be adding longer barrel calls in the future.. Myself and my son Casey along with Bozdogkiller from the forum went out this morning to give er a work out.. The first stand Chance (Boz) was calling and brought in a beautiful bobcat cat.. The second stand Boz was still given the call a workout and a coyote came in hard.. Casey put him to sleep.. Next stand Casey was calling he brought one in from along way out.. Like he was on a string.. He dropped into a wash and came out about 50 yards above me!! and me with just a camera in hand, He lived to see another day... The wind came up so we called it a day.. But all in all i think the critters love the call.. The call sounds great ,very easy to use and you can really get some crazy sounds out of it.. The call is body $15.00 delivered and the tone board is free..(The tone boards are not for sale at this time you will get one free with the call body) at the moment I can only build 2 of these a day..Also this call is very easy on the lips and mouth!! Here are some pics.. Thanks for looking.. Kerry





I've heard this call first hand over the phone with Kerry. I want to be the first one to say....I'LL TAKE ONE!

This call is the real deal and sounds really, really good.

Thanks Kerry, I'll put it to good use...Tony
All I can say is, what a call.
Kerry Picked me up at around 4:30 this morning , and the first thing he did was grab the call and say . This is the new call and bent the reed and tone bord straight down and my jaw dropped.
So we went out and NO JOKE first stand of the day I was calling on the Rubber Rabbit in came a nice bobcat at about 100 yds.
2ND stand was about the same with a coyote falling to Caseys 223.
But I will be the first to say, The call works and Well , you can tweek , bite , and bend while your calling to change the sound and get some very cool notes out of this thing.
But Good job Kerry and thanks for the call
Let me know if you want to head back out there this next weekend
Ill take 2 Kerry Looks like a winner to me I love those rubber calls Ive had great luck with the CATNIP and its kinda the same.Great work thanks Skinner just pm if you need my address again.
Thanks guys!! Boz we need to get back out there..
Tony ill get it in the mail.. Thanks

Ozzy Thanks!!

Skinner ill shoot ya a P/M thanks..
Quote:Ill take 2 Kerry Looks like a winner to me I love those rubber calls Ive had great luck with the CATNIP and its kinda the same.

Seth, I've played around with a few rubber bodied calls and liked them to. What makes this call extremely unique, is that it has a RUBBER TONEBOARD. I can only image one kind of crazy sounds one could get out of it. Add to it the rubber body for adding a whole bunch of changes and you've got one crazy call. Crazy enough for me to invest in!

Originally Posted By: yotestomperput me on the list and send me payment info

Send and bill him for 2. That way he can give me one. LOL
Thanks guys. I think I have sent everyone that wants one a P/M.. If I haven't sent ya a P/M please shoot me one..Im getting close to the cut off for the test calls.. Kerry
Kerry, when you get around to it, I'll take two as well...

I'll be gone most of Sept (I hope), anad maybe part of Oct.. and I'm in no hurry, just as long as I get them in time to practice a little for Las Cruces...