The Rubber Rabbit !!!!!!!!!! Yes It Really Does Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kerry, got my Rubber Rabbit today! Thanks for the speedy service. I can't wait to give it a try in the woods.
Originally Posted By: mark shubertKerry, are you still shipping the rubber rabbits?

You bet I have some in stock ready to roll.. Thanks Mark.. Kerry
Hey Kerry got my Rubber Rabbit today....bring on the Bobcat's !!!! This little call does some really nice bird distress. Thanks for getting it here so quick
There won't a safe cat to be found
man i been blowing that little sucker since i got it, that don't sound right, but i've been playing it like my harmonicas, in the garage, backyard, the truck going to work, sounds as good as the foxpro! it will be thouroughly tested this weekend. very cool idea and a nice little call.
Would you consider sending one to Canada for testing???
I would show it off at a lot of stores in the area!!
Thanks and let me know how much to get it here!

Merry Christmas Kerry.
If you've got any left, I'd like to get myself one for Christmas (belated).
Send me your paypal info.

And safe and happy holidays!!!!!!

PAYPAL payment submitted, anxious to get one of these bad'lads in my hands.

James "Dusty" Harden
Originally Posted By: HidenseekproWill you be bringing some to the hunt in Las Cruces?

I will have some there..

Im going to shut my website down tonight till I get back from the hunt so no one is ordering a call and waiting for it..Thanks Kerry

Hope you got my calls shipped. Talked to you on the phone a couple days ago.

David Bruce
Originally Posted By: LuckyBKerry,

Hope you got my calls shipped. Talked to you on the phone a couple days ago.

David Bruce

Yep they are in the mail.. It was sure nice to talk with ya.. Any order that is off my website is usually in the mail the next day.. Thanks Kerry
Originally Posted By: carvercallsThanks James yours will hit the mail in the morning.. Kerry

I really appreciate you getting it in the mail before you headed out Kerry. Anxious to give it a rip in the next few days.
Got the totally wicked rubber rabbit and the two other calls today. WOW! That rabbit ROCKS! So does the other two, too. Thanks Kerry, for your quick service.