Thermal / Grendel Coyote


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I am finally getting around to posting the video from the other night. These two coyotes have hit the bait three times and we finally met up. Despite fog most of the day, I was able to hunt that night as it began to lift somewhat. Humidity was 89%.

The alarm sounded just before 8:00 PM, and by the time I got the scope turned on and recording, and in shooting position, they were leaving. I figured they would be back (coyotes do this often). They returned within a few minutes.

I shot the male and at the time didn't see the other one. It must have been over the hill out of sight. Not sure if the other is a male or female. It didn't appear very scared and just trotted up the hillside. I hoped it would return, but it didn't. I stayed again at the shack last night just in case, but it was quiet all night except for the pesky red fox that is a regular.

I used the 6.5 Grendel, 90 gr. Varmageddon, and Pulsar Apex XQ38 thermal scope which has proven to be a great combination.

This one is a pretty coyote, different in color from most I get here that are salt / pepper colored with black guard hairs.





I just now noticed an error in my video. The Grendel shoots 90 gr bullets, not 110 gr. The 110’s are for my 308.

Originally Posted By: DoubleUpWe caught that mistake too, but you're only human.
Well, I couldn't stand the mistake, so I have corrected it.
Congrats buddy for keeping the perimeter clear! Thats a great looking Eastern coyote. Thanks for sharing your story, top notch!

Have you considered making some videos of how you set up your bait site and your IR lighting with perimeter alarm?? You have the best setup I've seen and people of all ages and physical ability can have a great memory in a setup like yours.

Thanks, Kino. Actually I have various videos showing how I work the bait site. It has been a work in progress with many changes over the years and my various videos demonstrate that. I guess I could do a newer video of the latest method. I am glad you enjoyed, Kino. Thanks.
I think you should, you do an excellent job of composing this and I'm sure guys would find it very informative.

The sad part is people sometimes can't find the information they are needing as old videos drop out of the search algorithms if its not super popular or has recent activity.