Thermal scope question for dnr


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So. A few weeks back I saw a local game warden here In Michigan pumping gas . I decided to talk with him for a few minutes. I was wanting to know if it was legal to use my thermal during legal shooting hours for deer hunting.
He told me no, he also told me that my ATN 4 k with night vision capability Was illegal as well. It didn’t seem right.

Today I emailed Michigan dnr , I got a response back this after noon. It is legal to hunt as long as I’m not casting a light on the game. So the thermal is good as well as the atn , I’m
Just not allowed to have my IR Illuminator in my possession.

I’m not sure what to believe now....

Would anyone like to weigh in on this ?
This is the email I received from the Michigan dnr .

The prohibitions in the law to keep in mind regards shining or casting a light upon the game. As you are aware, some of our night time furbearing game can be taken with a light source at the point of kill, e.g. nighttime coon hunting. However, providing that none of your equipment (thermal or digital night vision) shines a light or visible laser onto the target then there is no prohibition. The scopes would be considered legal day or night. Just keep in mind, no shining of a light source to take game unless it is clearly authorized under the night time regulations. See page 21 in our hunt/trapping guide at the link below.

I hope that helps answer your questions. Have a good day!
I’d listen to what the state DNR said.. we’ve all known cops that try enforce what they THINK is the law instead of the actual law.

I kept an answering machine recording just in case!
On that recording I was told by the head of a national park that I could use a canoe launch to launch a boat as long as I didn't put the trailer tires in the water, which would be considered a hand launch, a predecessor of his also told me the same thing. One of the head rangers said I couldn't do that and would be issued a citation, it would have been interesting If I had received a citation and played that recording from that head ranger's "boss" at a magistrate's office!
Under the prior head of the park we were confronted by a ranger and were going to get a citation until we told him what his "boss" told us, he got on the phone right away with his "boss", (he thought we were lying), found out we weren't and then started apologizing to us.
Long story, but that's why I also agree with keeping the e mail you got.