Tikka T3x Lite Veil Wideland.....

I've built two 6.5 PRC's, and H-1000 or R-26 is your huckleberry.

This one loved 140 VLD's over H-1000 at 3100 in a 24" Bartlein:

I'd love to get some R26 but like Berger bullets they are like finding a unicorn around here. I did buy a pound of N560 which I read was a pretty good powder for the 6.5 PRC. I haven't tried it as of yet. Something else I read, so don't shoot the messenger, that Tikka barrels are a little slow. I don't know if there is any truth to that or not but a few said they were 100FPS slower than other barrels with the same load. I don't even remember where I read it so take it with a grain of salt. I love the rifle and I know the accuracy is there, I just have to get the velocity up a little.
I have a Veil in 6.5 CM, an absolute tack driver. I haven't found a factory, or reload that it doesn't like. I loaded up some coyote loads a while back, just tried them last week. I have no idea how to post a pic, the group at 600 yds was way beyond my expectations. Loaded a Nosler 100 gr with Varget. I shoot it with the muzzle break, it does help with recoil (for us old shooters).

I also have a T3 lite in 22-250 that I use with my thermal for coyotes. I tried my old standby load, 50 gr v-max and Varget, and this load was approx 300 fps lower than manual. After switching to CFE223, my loads are near manual speed again. Slow barrel, or Varget just didn't work for this bbl, who knows?
I have the Tikka T-3 Superlite in 6.5 Creedmoor. I love everything about it except the stock. The stock looks cheap but the gun shoots to good to change anything. I did add a muzzle bake to it. Hardly any recoil. Mine shoots the Hornaday 143 ELD-X exceptionally well! Congrats Pyscodog!
Even though the stocks are plastic they seem to be better than most. I thought about an upgrade but maybe at a later date. I have a Tikka in 243 but its a 595 in a wood stock. It shoot exceptionally well to.
Got the PRC out this morning. I tried H4350, 130 Berger this trip. I started with 53.5 grains working up a half grain at a time to 55 grains. Lighter loads shot decent and velocity was in the 3050 range but when I hit 55 grains, accuracy vastly improved, sub 1/2" four shot group and velocity was an average of 3160 FPS. Now we talkin!! Primers were starting to get a little flat but corners still nice and round. No other signs of pressure at all. I'm pleased!!
Which CCI primers are you using? If you're using the 200 primers a switch to the BR4 might reduce the deformation. From my experience they are a bit harder than the standard 200s. At any rate, glad you're getting some positive results.
I'm using the 200's. I don't have any of the BR4's. I'll check with some of my buddy's, maybe I can do some swapping. Getting over 3000 FPS was a huge improvement for me and an accurate load as well. It would sure be nice if reloading components got back to somewhat normal again but I'm not holding my breath on that. But it does make you learn to use what you have on hand.