Time to get saddled up!!


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The weather's getting cooler, and the yotes are getting fat and slick around here!

I tied up a couple of lanyards this evening, and I thought I'd throw them out and see how y'all like them. I tried to come up with something that would combine versatility, comfort, good looks, QUALITY, and the best bang for the buck, so here they are.
They are 4, 5, or 6 drop lanyards, depending on whether you choose a single or double drop on either or both sides. The upper braid is fuller and a little firmer than my other flat-braid lanyards so it's comfortable around your collar. The lower section is a round 4 braid and it's supple enough for the lower 2 calls to be easily maneuvered. The length keeps your calls ready between shirt pocket and belly button level, and the calls are spaced to prevent rattling (like all of my lanyards).

Nothing fancy, just good serviceable lanyards from my usual mil-spec US made paracord...and no plastic or other foreign objects attached.

These 2 are good all-purpose hunting colors.
The top one is Coyote Brown and Desert Camo, and the bottom one is Olive Drab and Coyote Tan. Sorry for the poor pictures. The flash kills the colors.

$25 each shipped to your door, and I'll throw in an extra little thing or 2 with these.




Here's a close up of the simple drop attachment:

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Thanks Sean!
It's simple, secure, and easy to switch out, and it makes the part around your neck fuller and a lot more comfortable.

I don't have a patent on it, so feel free to use it any time!
I've got more of these ready to go.
Most of the color combos are OD Green, Desert Camo, and Coyote Brown.
I tied one up this evening in a Desert Camo/FL Orange combo. It's pretty nice. I'll take some pictures if anybody wants to see it.
Thanks guys!
I appreciate the kind words.

Chad, I've only found a couple of colors that don't match up well with the desert camo.
I've done the orange with OD Green, Coyote Brown, and the Desert Camo, and they all match up.
I did one in orange and black, and it made me think of Halloween every time I saw it.
I'm going to have several more of these ready to go in the next couple days.
They'll be in various color combinations of OD green, Coyote Brown, Desert Camo, ACU Digital, and basic black.
I've also got some red, blue, neon (hunter) orange, and a little white in case somebody would like one braided up in their own color combo.