Took a buddy out hunting


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Meet up with high school friend of mine. We hunted together in high school, but nothing in the last 30 years. He told me I should come down and visit them, I said sure. Then I ask him about coyotes in the area. He sent me 4 picture from his trial camera with coyotes, come down and lets hunt.
Went to the first spot and set up next to a marsh/river by his place. Took out my Ultramag horn howler and did my best invitation howl. And soon as I was done howling 3 different groups answered back. Waited about 5 minutes and nothing showed. Went into some destress sounds for about 5 mins and waited again. This time I see 2 coming in about 175 yds away. Tonight I'm doing the calling and my buddy doing the shooting. I point out where they are coming from. He reposition the gun and see them coming. They get about 100 yds out and stop. The lead one doesnt like something and it turns and heads straight away from us. My buddy aims at the standing one and a 34g Dogtown bullets hits it mark and it DRT.


We drag the coyote back to the truck and off we go to the next spot. This spot wasn't ideal but we said we are going to give it a try. We are not able sit because of the ground terrain. So we are standing and he has a adjustable shooting stick. We start calling and I see 2 animal throw the trees just sitting there. That were not there before. I point them out to my buddy and he reposition himself facing the 2 animal. Soon one is coming our way and we can tell its a coyotes. Comes to about 60 yds and goes down into a riven, we wanted it to go the other way. Then the second one coming following the same path. This one stops and my buddy is able to sent a 34 gr Dogtown thru the trees and down goes #2, about 60 yds. As I said not idea set up.


Then next 2 spots were a no show for the coyotes. The next 2 spots we had coyotes show up, but they never commit to the call. Both of these coyotes the fur was ok, little weak in the back. It was a great night to be out, and my buddy and I had a great time.

Again as always, thanks for taking the time to read my post.