I have a home in PA although I don't live there all the time. It's not a rental and my wife and I built it to use 12 months year and we do.
The other state we live and vote in doesn't allow cans. I was wondering if I could get a can in PA and NOT take it to my other house/state?

Also, what is the purpose of a trust? I'm not at all familiar with the procedures to legally obtain a suppressor.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
Semper Fi
I know for hunting you have to live in Arizona for 6 months consistent and it has to be your primary residence. the ATF spend almost a year checking out applications and you don’t want to get caught lying on an app!! You may call Silencer Shop in San Antonio, Texas they only do suppressers and tell them the situation your in. You may not have to live in a State that allows them to own one, but if you have another residence in a State it would be kept in you may be able to get the trust? Or call the ATF Suppresser Div. And just ask.
call the ATF office for PA, where your residence is. tell them of your circumstance and that you only intend to keep it there in PA. ask their advice.

as far as the trust - its one of the few ways more than one person can be legally in posession of a NFA item.

if you were to register it as an individual, technically your wife could be in violation of the law of posessing a NFA item if she has access to the safe you keep it in.

if you register it as a trust, and put her on the trust in a position of a "responsible person" - usually a co-trustee or a beneficiary, depending on the trust language or your state law - and then she can have a legal shield to be in posession of said suppressor.

use the "single shot trust" and once you're approved, add her in to the trust in one of those positions, and you're good. you do not have to notify the BATFE of that change.

the reason you leave her off is $ - everyone has to submit fingerprints and passport photo who's named in the trust at the time of submission. for someone like me with 3 responsible persons listed, thats >$100 extra every time i put in a stamp if i reuse my trust in under 41F. plus i have to drive several hours to collect all that info, and my other co trustee's have to take tie out of their lives to get printed/photo'ed. so by the time i calcaulate gas and sh!t, it effective doubles the cost of the stamp for me. so i make a new trust and submit it, and then paper them in afterwards.