Trying to get earth anchors to stay put!


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I went out yesterday to try and get some more dog proof traps in the ground. I pounded into the ground in six different areas. I could easily pull ALL of them out of the ground with one hand. It warmed up low 30’s and ground didn’t seem froze enough so figured I would have been good? Same area I had traps last year. I would assume the ground is partially froze and that’s why I can pull them out? When I placed my traps last year it was during the opener in October so the ground was soft clay…and I had no issues with any of them wanting to pull out with with using both hands and full force. Same areas yesterday and they pulled right out yesterday. The ground seemed soft and when o pulled the anchors out the ground looked thawed out and dirt was crumbling. Any suggestions?
Wolf fangs. I use a piece of rebar for a driver. I can wiggle it out easy enough. Im driving down to the same depth as last year. Going down to the loop. Wondering if I need to drive them a lot deeper this time of year because of a partially frozen ground?
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If you’re using DP’s I’m guessing you’re after coons. I use super stakes and can push in the ground with ease and pull by hand. Coons have never pulled a stake up yet. Coons don’t pump a stake like a coyote they only go side to side. If you can get at ground level and not pull it up a coon won’t either. The swamps I trap down here you’d never get an anchor to set that you couldn’t pull straight up by hand.