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Advertising on this site without a sponsor account is strictly prohibited.

We currently have three different types of accounts available to those interested, and at some very competitive prices. You can view a brief description of each of these accounts by visiting our "sponsors forum" or clicking here;
Brief Sponsor Account Information

[*]For more information and/or pricing on each account please contact Sean Willis (Yellowhammer) at !sales@predatormasters.com!. Remove the !'s

[*]The following is an outline of some recent revisions to our Terms of Service Agreement, and a more defined breakdown of some current rules regarding unauthorized advertising on this site.

[*]Unapproved advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are inappropriate on this Bullitin Board.
Unapproved meaning; without permission from the staff.

[*]Predator Masters maintains a base of sponsors on the site. Visitors and members who operate a commercial business and do not have a sponsor account or written consent from the staff, are not allowed to post hyperlinks, non-hyperlinked business addresses, or photos of products available on this bulletin board.

[*]Non sponsor members posting photos containing a series of duplicate or similar items or mass produced items OF ANY KIND, that they have made themselves, obtained, or bought, will be perceived as advertisements.
Non sponsor members posting about a product/s, item/s or a series of similar items, or mass produced items that they have available, but does NOT contain photos...will be also perceived as an advertisement.

[*]The posting of events, and or fundraisers, by non sponsor members is prohibited unless permission is granted by the Predator Masters staff.

[*]Signature line links to other sites has recently been approved. As long as it is not a commercial site and there are no advertisers or advertisements shown on the site, and nothing is being sold on that site.

[*]Sponsor members with a paid and active sponsor account are not allowed to post in the "Classifieds" Section of this bullitin board. The Classifieds section of this board is strictly for members to sell personal items of their own. Any member selling items for someone else will be approached. Any member, who is found selling numerous items and appears to the staff to be commercial or selling for profit in anyway, will be approached by the staff.
Sponsor members wishing to use the Classifieds section to sell a personal item only, may contact staff to obtain permission.

Not open for further replies.