Volunteers Welcome


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Thanks to Pa Mick, we have snow in the forecast for tonight. Anyway I got up just about first light (6:30 A.M.), and on a hunch I decided to look out in the field. Low and behold, a fresh face in the field. I could tell with light coming on, she was getting ready to haul butt for the woods. Killed her at 233 yds. It turned out to be an average size female, but I do appreciate her being a volunteer. I'll post the short video in the Night calling section.

IMG_0600 by Double Up, on Flickr

Here is the short video:

You always have very "catchy" titles to your videos. You had to thread that shot by the branches. Nice shot.
Thank you both. I get a lot of enjoyment out of putting the little videos together. It is really disappointing when I don't get one recorded, just as you found out recently K. I think most people who have never recorded their hunt would be surprised at what really happened especially when they miss or cripple one and are just sure it was bullet failure.

I wasn't sure I could thread that bullet through there, but I knew it would be the best option I was going to have.