Washing coyotes


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Just curious how many people wash there coyote hides before stretching. I don’t normally have to worry about it with snared coyotes but sometimes even a small bullet hole can spread blood around more than I would like when skinning. Also has anyone found anything that works better than just brushing with Borax. I wash the bad ones but washing coyotes outside when it’s cold with cold water in a pail isn’t to much fun haha
I used a tipi for a.fur shed in northern WI. I used Luke warm water and kept a coleman lantern handy to warm my hands over. After a wrung them out bring them into the tent with the wood stove to dry hanging from the ridge pole.
I wash 90% of my furs. IMHO it definitely makes a difference. I found an old washing machine on facebook a few years back for free all i had to do was haul it. I put it out in my fur shed with a drain pipe going outside and i fill it with 5gal buckets of water from the hose outside. I just run them through a rinse and spin cycle to get all the dirt and blood off. Straight water nothing else. Used to do the handwashing in the 5gal buckets… never going back
I don't wash trapped coyotes, or anything, unless they look dirty. My shot coyotes get skinned and then only the area with blood gets washed - in a pail of cool water with a drop of Dawn. Can't go wrong with washing the whole thing I suppose, just takes longer to dry maybe?
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I use a 5 gallon bucket of warm water, shoulder length rubber trapping gloves with horse main and tail soap even in sub zero. I have an old gas dryer that I put wood shavings in. Tumble them for an hour and they are just about dry. Then flesh and stretch.
I wash all my coyotes as they have a lot of dirt in them. Makes them look a lot better and helps get a better price. If you watch the video DAA posted of Blaine Eddy’s you will see how much better.
Grabbed a washer for $25 from someone. Tapped into a water heater cold line and put the washer right beside it. Drains into my water heater/softener drain.

I was out $25 for the washer and about $8 for a shutoff. Had all the other fittings. One of the best things I’ve spent money on for trapping.

I was basically all of my coyotes after skinning and before fleshing. Straight water or a pinch of mane and tail shampoo.