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The information provided by game wardens are their personal views and may not represent the views of any agency or jurisdiction or Predator Masters.com.

Explanations provided about the laws are for information only and may not represent how the laws are actually enforced or interpreted by all officers. Since regulations change from one jurisdiction to another, this information is not to be taken as legal advice.

Both moderators are no longer serving as active duty game wardens. Their responses are based on their experiences during their careers.

Responses made by PM members may not be from active duty game wardens.

Some of the things we would like to see the forum accomplish are as follows:

Provide a friendly environment for members to interact with game wardens to promote a better understanding and spirit of cooperation.

A place where members can ask a game warden questions about the laws.

Provide a place where game wardens can ask questions to other game wardens, exchange information, and get to know game wardens from different agencies.

A place where game wardens can express their personal views.

Be a magnet to get more game wardens to join Predator Masters.
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