What Bow do you shoot


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Purchased a Diamond Outlaw last year. I was shooting the same Martin bow for the last 18yrs with fingers. Just went to a release. After 35yrs of finger shooting, took a while to get used to it. It may be because of what I was shooting before, but I am loving the Outlaw, and my shooting is better than ever.
Bear (Golden Eagle) Talon

Custom made at the Bear Plant in Gainesville Florida for me specifically, riser from one year of a bow model, limbs from another year model, and accoutrements to match them together. I LOVE this bow, and it really fits me nicely.
well perhaps custom ASSEMBLED is the better term. They had the parts, they made this one for me by assembly of various components so that it would fit me better than the other bows they had in the price range could be made to do.
Been shooting the same ole' PSE Firestorm for years. I think I bought it around 2000-2002. 32" axle to axle and at 65lbs with 80% letoff. I can shoot out of a treestand with no trouble at all and hold it back for what feels like all day. It's easy to draw and runs around 250fps with Beman ICS hunters. She's a quiet little bow too
. Man I wish I was that size again

Heli-m and Z7 Extreme for hunting. Conquest and MR6 for taget and 3D. Just finished building a new string and cable today for my old LX that I've not shot in a long time. I shoot a Mathews lol.