What do you shoot?


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I have a ross Cardiac dressed with a Montana Blackgold 7 pin sight and use Spott Hog Wammy rest.As for arrows I use Forge Bows Extreme with Crimson Talon 100grn heads with a grand total of 367 grains cruisin at 298 fps.

This is my setup for elk this year.
I shoot a mathews outback,tropy ridge 3 pin micro matrix sight, and a trophy ridge drop away rest,launching goldtip 55/75 camo arrows with a white wrap and 3 white blazer vanes,topped with 3 blade 100 gr muzzy grain broadheads. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
I don't know all of the details but I do know that it's a PSE Primos addition and it's deadly. Got bored one day and was taking PD at 75 yards with it.
Redhead Kronik 60-70# 26" Draw
Deadshot Whisker Bisquit
Tru-Glo Tru-Site X-Treme
Limbsaver 4.55 S-Coil Stabilizer
T.R.U. Chappy Boss Release
As far as arrows I have alot of different setups.

Shoot a Mathews Reezen 6.5 with a 5 pin PSE sight, limbsaver drop away arrow rest, a Jim Posten stab out front, and 2413 lincon logs...lol still wicked fast with those monster arrows. Also shoot a Hoyt Vantage X8 with a HHA dial sight, pro blade rest, specialty archery super stix at 20", and carbon express maxima 250's. this is my 3D/target bow.
I Guess I am the exeption I shoot a browning rage one cam 70lbs
Carbon express arrows
truglo pins
golden key 3d rover rest
muzzy 100 gr
scott release mongoose
love this set up shot highcountry for years but I like this bow not the fastest but it is forgiving
Still shooting my old mathews Q2XL. I keep saying I'm going to upgrade one of these years, but as of yet, I don't like anything better. I will say, I shot the new hoyt alpha max, and like it. Just don't think I like the $900.00 tag that comes with it.
I let a customer talk me out of my BowTech late last year so I went back to Hoyt and its just as fast and maybe a tad quieter but I was on a roll with that Bowtech.
I was so busy chasing predators last year I neglected the ole Black Widow and the Damon Howatt but I will make it up to them this year hopefully.
A Mathews Legend. It is my first bow and I am still in the process of learning.

Any questions give a holler. If I cant answer your question Im sure someone else can.
Mathews Switchback, 70 lbs. With a spothog and rip cord rest. I am using a muzzy 125 gr broadhead and east carbon arrows that are 9.5 gr/inche.
Thanks for the offer Ozzy. I doing fairly good with it most of the problems I am having is due to a back injury several years ago.
Hoyt Katera, Dan Quillen Cane break recurve, custom long bow from Desert West,Onida Osprey for bow fishing and ordered a Hoyt Gamemaster yesterday at 50 lbs to lighten up a bit for 3D.

Where do i start.
1-Mathews drennalin black
Donniker stabalizer
HHA one pin slider
Trophy Ridge drop zone rest
G5 peep

2-Mathews drennalin camo
Donniker stabalizer
HHA one pin slider
Trophy Ridge drop zone
G5 peep

3-Elite GTO
Donniker stab
HHA one pin slider
NAP 3000 Drop away
G5 peep

4-Bow tech tribute
wild thang stabalizer
HHA one pin slider
NAP 3000 drop away
G5 peep

5-Great northern super ghost recurve

6-Check mate 66" longbow

7-Bow river whitetailer longbow 62"

8-Robertson Mystic longbow 66"

I shoot gold tip 5575 arrows off all my compounds with
rage heads,grimreapers,tekans,montechs and sonic pro broadheads.
Home made cedars off my trad bows with eclipse,stos and grizzly broadheads.
You could say i am a bonified archery nut,since six years of age.
Never get bored of watching the flight of an arrow.
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No wheels here. I only have one compound and it's a Browning Micro Midas kids bow. This is my favorite because...I made it!

It's basically a Cherokee flat bow. Most Native American bows don't have a shelf, but I put one on mine.


I used a draw knife to "shape" the bow out of Hedge, Bois D'arc, or Osage Orange, three names for the same tree.


"Sagwu" is, I'm told, the Cherokee word for the number one. This was the first real bow I ever made.


The finish on this bow is SUPER shiny so it makes it hard to get photos of the wood grain.Sorry.

For those who don't know, when you make a bow like this, you have to look at the end of the stave, or log, and find a growth ring you like. Then you have to carve down to that ring, and follow it the whole length of the bow. This creates the back of the bow and it keeps it from splintering and breaking. It's quite the test of patience.

And this was the reward, a nice 8 point buck. It's the only deer I've killed with this bow.


Sorry, no hero shots, one of these days I'll scan all my old pictures. Hope you enjoyed.