What is your favorite squirrel rig?

I'm a rifle guy, I hunted em with a 410 shotgun when I was a kid & that was all we had. After years of experimenting I settled on my 77/22 ultra-lite boat-paddle in LR with a Leupold 2-7. Its favorite chow is Win Power-points. What do you use?
Remington 552 Speedmaster with a Leupold VX-1 2-7x28 rimfire loaded with CCI mini mags. As a youth I used dads Browning BAR 22 with a fixed 4x scope.
Belgium made T-bolt with a Weaver K-10. Although there are others, based on mood !

I still have the .410 single that I got when I was seven. It has been used by a few family members, but I track it down and get it back. It is an old Kresge. Well, old, as in 1977-ish.
Originally Posted By: marcoLove the Ruger 77s got 9 of them!

I love em too, had a total of 7 of them over the years, still have the .22, the 77/22 Hornet & my deer rig is a 77/44. Had a .22 wmr & a .357 that got away...wish I still had em!
I don't get to chase squirrels very often, but when I do I like to use Savage 93R17 TR or a Smith and Wesson SW22 with a red dot. Both are accurate and fun.
Either a savage 93R17 GV .17hmr or remington 870 12ga. I love both, used the 17 for the past ten years and finally added a shotgun to the mix when I moved back to ohio this fall. Early season when there are still leaves on the trees I favor the 17, no issues sneaking around. Once things thin out/rabbit season opens I almost always have the 870.
Marlin Model 60 ,22 LR , BSA sweet 3 x 9 AO, Go-to Choice

Marlin 795 , 22 LR , 4X Nikon Rim-fire

Savage Model 40 , 22 Hornet ,Bushnell 4 x 12 AO - Trophy , Only in late winter when they are on the ground. The woods are open and you can get some long shots
My favourite squirrel rig:

Brno Model - 2, 16" barrel
Boyd's rimfire hunter stock
Harris 9-13" Bipod
Lawrence Precision Titanium Moderator
Swarovski 3-9x36 scope in cheapo see through mounts...
(I really should sort those out)


I have a Marlin 81 TS .22 LR with a Tasco 3-9x40 that is a great one. It rides in the truck if I am going out and about or when I am bird hunting. If I am specifically hunting bunnies or squirrels I grab my Winchester 72. It is a great walk about rifle.
Marlin 917V 17HMR with 20gr. Game points. Pentax Gameseeker 4x-16x-44mm scope and form 1 suppressor. Head shots only with this rig, but that isn't usually an issue as accurate as it is.