What is your favorite squirrel rig?

i hunted them for years with a model 60, but now that i have my 10/22 with a match barrel, suppressed and a sub load it absolutely loves... all day every day. that model 60 aint seen the sun in 4 or 5 years i think ! heheh
Sandhillhunter: They are great eating just boil them before you fry them and they will be as tender as anything you have ever eaten.
Young squirrels are tender enough to chicken fry with no other preparations. Old squirrels can be tough. There are several ways to get around that. Lots of recipes on the net if you look around.
I have about a dozen .22 rifles set up for squirrel hunting but my favorites are my CZ 455's, very accurate.
455 standard model
455 full stock
455 Varmint model

Starting in the late 70's I have used a KDF (Kleinguenther) K22, double set triggers, Leupold rimfire low rings, Burris 6X AO mini scope, with RWS Subsonics.
Was going to post a photo, but lost the pictures when photobucket went down. I duplicated that setup with a Mauser 201 which is essentially the same rifle and will post a photo of that one. My never needed back up is a Remington 581/541 I call the "wannabe". It's a 581S action and bolt that is trued and threaded, 541T barrel, threaded, rechambered with a D2 chamber, 541S trigger, Leupold Low rimfire rings, Burris 6XAO mini scope, pillar bedded Bishop stock.

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Thanks GC.
I have a weakness for fine 22lr. Always looking for the next best Squirrel rifle that'll probably only shoot paper. LOL
My favorite is a current production left hand Browning T Bolt with subsonic HP by Fiocchi. Currently the scope is a Hawke Vantage 3-9x40, but that may change. Don't have any photos of the rig.
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Finally got around to loading some photos of my squirrel rig.

Remington 541-S .22 long rifle, Simmons 22 mag 3-9x scope.




K22, I kick myself too for nice guns I have sold or traded over the years. An early model Winchester 9422 and Colt New Frontier and Peacemaker 22’s with magnum cylinders come to mind, and these are just a few I wish I had back.

Those are some fine looking rifles in your post above.
Thanks 6mm06. Hindsite...........should never be visited. LOL

My newest project has been this Kimber HS which is now in a Kimber varmint stock I rebedded. This one shoots better than I had expected.

And one that never disappoints me is this Sako Quad.


K22, Beautiful !!!! Don't you just love fine rifles !!!

Today I spoke with a local guy at a gun shop who does some gunsmith work, inquiring about lightening the trigger pull of my Remington 581. Any suggestions on that?

I still like to hunt with Winchester 67A with HP shorts it came with Lyman Sights.
Our Dad's bought them, so we had a rifle club in 1962
When I was a Boy Scout.
Later we went to the Naval Station and shot indoor small-bore with Winchester 52's, 1964-65.
The Navy set me up in ROTS. Off to college, I went.


Ruger 10-22, Green Mountain 17" Heavy Tapered Sporter Barrel 1:16 Twist, Volquartsen Trigger, Boyds Stock, Leoupold 3-9

Plenty of squirrels, rabbits, jacks, and even a few coyotes have all been taken with this rifle.

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204AR:try any farmer that grows corn or other grains they should have them around their shelter belts or any creeks/river with trees for them to nest in.