What is your favorite squirrel rig?

Originally Posted By: OhiochuckMy Squirrel Rifle -Custom Winchester Model 52C patterned after author Charles Landis idea of the perfect squirrel rifle -
The rifle has a Lilja SS barrel which was added by Gordy Gitters. He also reblued the action and other parts and set the trigger pull. The custom chamber is excellent. The stock was prepared and finished by the late John Maxson of Washington Courthouse, Ohio. I purchased the stock from him at the Ohio Gun Collectors show in Wilmington, Ohio (6 shows each year).
I used the original sling swivels from the Model 52 target stock. It weights just over 9 lbs. with the Swarvowski 6 X 18 TDS reticle scope. It is well balanced. I have found that it shoots easily into small groups at 50 yds. using Lapua SS or SK SS ammo. I sighted in to hit on target at 40 yds. Using the 1st TDS bar it hits on target at 60 yds. At 70 yds. it hits squirrel sized targets when centered between the 1st & 2nd TDS bars.
The rifle's stock work was completed during the summer of 2008 by John Maxson. Gordy Gritters was the only gunsmith of the 3 smiths I checked with who was willing to chamber for the .22 LR at that time. He DID AN EXCELLENT JOB!!!!
The blank I think cost $ 800.00. It was purchased 2006, then when I visited John I always found one I liked better, so I traded. Both are excellent craftsmen.
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Beautiful stock on that. What walnut is that? Claro, Turkish?
With the wide squared off forearm it puts me in mind of the Cooper Jackson Squirrel rifle. The stainless barrel adds to that Jackson look also.
The rifle is a bit heavier than I prefer, but you can't help but love that package. And a Winchester Model 52 is to die for.
Congratulations, that is one sweet looking rifle.
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K22, Beautiful !!!! Don't you just love fine rifles !!!

Today I spoke with a local guy at a gun shop who does some gunsmith work, inquiring about lightening the trigger pull of my Remington 581. Any suggestions on that?

Hey 6mm06,
I forgot you ask me that question. Sorry.
You can change out the trigger spring or shorten the factory one. You can also drill and tap the housing then install a spring and make the trigger adjustable, similar to the 3 screw 541S triggers. I used to have the blueprints for doing that.
A Timney trigger for the 588 Rem. will work if you modify it some. Mainly you will need to modify the safety angle.
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Bastogne walnut stock
This Cascade rifle stock(.17 AH )is a sister stock to the Winchester model 52.

WOW!!!! That is one exceptional piece of Bastone Walnut. Very impressive.
I've used a Savage Model 24 .22/.410 over/under since I was 16. That's 60 years. Bagged many a squirrel in the woods of northern Ohio.

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I have a hand-me-down Sears 22 lr bolt gun that my Dad had for 45 years. Has a weaver 4x scope that the crosshairs are jagged at the outer edges. Still shoots great at 25 yards and still dropping squirrels.
I realy like my Mossberg 346B that I bought myself for HS graduation-60+yrs ago. It now has a Weaver 1.5-4.5 variable on it and I probably shot the old Dynapoints that I have a supply of.
Fish Bonez, my dad gave me a JC Hiccins single when I was 7 yrs old(68 yrs ago). I killed so many squirrels with it my dad said he never wanted a squirrel on the table again, he said that about rabbits too but kept right on eating them. Some where in the 1970's a scope was put on the rifle and the stock cut and added on again as each of the kids in the family started to shoot. I still have it.

One of my favorite squirrel rifle was a custom 1903 Springfield in 358 Norma mag. I loaded it with 148gr double ended wadcutters over a pinch of 700x and it would shoot cloverleafs at 50 yards, was as quite as 22lr and cut a 35 caliber hole through a squirrel that you could eat right up to. I killed a batch of them when I lived up near Fargo ND.

I used to brown the squirrel parts add sliced carrots and creamy tomato gravy and simmer until the carrots were tender and serve over rice. Mom would brown them with onions and simmer in a white gravy and serve over dumplings or large egg noodles.
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Originally Posted By: kyyotestalker FX Dreamline .22cal 15.89gr. JSB Exact at 910fps
That looks interesting.
Originally Posted By: kyyotestalker FX Dreamline .22cal 15.89gr. JSB Exact at 910fps


I currently use a 25cal marauder tuned for Jumbo heavies and its a hammer on them. I am wanting the FX dreamline tactical compact with the bottle in 25cal. I like the 22cal but a call coons and the the 25 just hammers them. The dreamline series is great for me being left handed. I want a short compact gun for squirrels and I think the dreamline compact would be perfect.

Anschutz 1710 with a Leupold 3-9 EFR scope.

KDF Mauser with a Leupold 2-7 Rimfire scope.

Kimber of Oregon Model 82 Classic,SS barrel and a Leupold 3-9 EFR scope.

I,like many other dedicated shooters, have more than necessary but prefer these over my other rimfires.