What's been your experience with Game Wardens???

Only one incident and that was with a part-time warden who just happened to be a full-time Ahole. All others have been respectful and just did their jobs.
Originally Posted By: Mark2The few that I have dealt with here in Massachusetts have been jerks to put it nicely. And one of them did not know the law when it came to the caliber of rifle limitation at night. Here its 22-lr rim fire only. 17 hmr,22 wmr, are all illegal at night Tha one warden said that I could use a 17 hmr, and a 204 Ruger because they were smaller than a 22-lr. Good thing I did not follow his advice. And there is one town near me where you can't use a rifle of any caliber at any time, not even a rifled barrel shotgun or rifled barrel blackpowder. It's an Obama town for sure. the same game warden did not even know that.

Mark I had the same issue with a epo officer he said he coyote hunts at night and uses a 17 Hmr and this was when they first came out.He in forces the law and didn't even know the laws.His exact words were last I was in school 17 was smaller than 22 lol.
I jumped a bike into the lake and got a $230 ticket for improper use of a public boat ramp. also there have been a few when they search my truck they sling my stuff everywhere trying to upset me. one time I was setting in my truck and didn't have my orange hat on because I was in my truck and he asked me to get out and he searched my truck, slinging my stuff around, then wrote me a warning ticket for not having on my orange. I have personally never had anything but a negative experience every time I have encountered a game warden. the last time one run into me I was in a friends car going up the road and seen where something had come off the bank into the road and I went to go see what it was and hear come one with a big mustache and checked me for a hunting license. I had no weapons cause I had just left college. but that was a few years ago and I really haven't seen any since then thank goodness
I've had very pleasant and interesting experiances with almost all the field officers I've met. I even helped turn in and collect evidence of a poacher once up in the mountains.

Most of the guys I meet in the field are pro-hunter/pro-fishing advocates that are willing to stop and talk about the areas and how things are going on the job and for supplying valuebal info.

I have only had one "Super-Cop" jag-off that soured me for a time in my favorite hunting area. fortunately I havent seen him since, probably had complaints piling up.

I really apprecaite all the hard and sometimes dangerous work they do.
In all my hunting and fishing adventures I've never seen a game warden in the field. Not once. I do know the local gw where I live now. Which is my home town. He has been the warden here for as long as I can remember. His son and I were good friends for a long time, still kinda are. If I call him up and ask him a question he is very nice to answer any of them. I'm due for a stop some time or another so I'm sure I'll have one in the future. I only really coyote hunt and in my state you don't need a license for that, but I'm sure sooner or later I'll be asked what I'm doing. I think the problem is that we only have one warden for a very large area, so he doesn't have time to stop everyone. Still if he stopped me I think we'd have a rather friendly chat.
Most of mine have been positive here in WY, nothing more than the usual. license check, etc.
I grew up in TX and had all but one good experience. I was home on leave from the Marines, dove hunting with my dad, a Judge. On my leave papers it states my home unit as the "Fleet Antiterrorism Security Teams" I had just returned from Somalia being one of the 50 Marines left to guard the embassy. The GW check licenses, shotguns for plugs and ask for my hunters safety card. The card was extremely faded, my number was 0012, the 12th student in the STATE! He said the document was NOT acceptable and wrote me up.
I took the ticket straight to the courthouse in Shackleford County and ask the Clerk for a speedy hearing due to my leve was up in less than 2 days. She heard my tale, and went to see his Honor. The judge stepped out ask me the story, I explained what happened and my status within the Marines.
Man, you shoulda heard that judge on that telephone! That GW came sliding up to the courthouse about 80mph! That judge laid into him with volume and verbage that woulda made A drill instructor blush. When the dust settled, the ticket was ripped to shreds, stuffed in the GWs shirt pocket, and said GW sprinting for his life from the office. Judge was apoligizing and took me to lunch, man he was so ashamed that the FORMER GW had ticket a combat vet for a faded hunters card. From what I heard later the GW transferred to some "Gardenspot."
But in 35 years afield, my only bad experience.
In over 60 years of hunting I have never had a negative contact by a GW. My last contact was last week. I was using a motorcycle to get around on ranch property. Rifle scabbard attached and rifle in place. At dark, just as I returned to my camper a GW pulled up. He never got out of his truck. Never asked to check my rifle or license. We had about a 20 minute visit about a lot of things that are haywire with California laws. He said that he has 25 years in and is about ready to retire. He is very disturbed about the "new blood" GWs and the indoctrination they are receiving.

As he left we exchanged phone numbers.
For checked by a warden for the very first time yesterday. I had shot a bull elk Sunday evening and taken it down to hang up in the cooler, and when I went back Monday to break down camp he was waiting along the road where we go in to hunt. Seemed like a pleasant guy. Not too chatty. Told him about the bull I shot. he just asked to take a look at my liscense and had me open the bolt of my rifle to make sure there wasn't a shell in it since it was laying across my front seat. Then he said congrats on the kill and was on his way.
Originally Posted By: Rimrock1He is very disturbed about the "new blood" GWs and the indoctrination they are receiving.

I think lot of folks are disturbed about that.
Had a really positive contact with a game officer in the mountains this weekend.

I was "guiding" my 16 yo son on his second deer hunt, last year we were out 3 days but were unable to fill the tag.

Saturday we were up the mountain and i saw something up on a ridge behind a stand of aspen. told my son to watch towards the end of the trees. deer popped out and was slightly quartered away from us with his head turned just enough that his ears hid the little 4 point (combined) antlers. I would have sworn it was a doe, so i gave the go-ahead to shoot.

Upon aproach i saw that there was indeed two, two piont antlers; my son had an antlerless tag. I knew we screwed up and as soon as it was dressed out I called the local Division of Wildlife office and left a message about what happened.

we arranged to meet up with an officer back at camp. When we met I explained exactly what happened and that I understand there would be consiquences.

he proccessed our situation and our licenses and really earned my gratitude and respect. he understood by looking at the antlers and ears and by our honesty that it was an unforunate mistake. He didnt ticket us and allowed us to keep the deer but only required that we turn over the antlers.

He said that not many folks report mistakes like that and appreciated our honesty and thats the main reason he was lenient. We have had several contacts with this officer in the past and it has always been a positive experiance, and this was no exception. He also made it a great "teachable moment" for my son. This officer is a bright and shining example of proffessionalism and good will towards hunters and fishermen/women. because of this, if i ever see him in the field and in need of assistance, I would walk right into [beeep] to help him out. I will be writing a thank you letter to him and his superiors.
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Seems like there was a batch or animal right advocate Wardens in our area(corner of the state) that were willing to even tell you that they'd try to find anything at all to write a ticket for, and especially for someone who harvested a bear or lion and attempt to nail someone to ensure they'd never want to shoot another bear/lion. But that was a few yrs back. The one in particular,.... not sure if I'd get in trouble for putting her name on blast here online but she was a rude dude if you know what I mean. She ended up getting ran off do to complaints piling up and her joints efforts with a tree hugger group coming out. Haven't had any run-ins with any since all that was going on and the entire community wanted nothing to do with Game and Fish. Hope they've change their ways a tad........O well if not.
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I've been checked in Maine, NH, Vt, Co, Ontario, and Mass,
all good and polite no attitude. I dot my I's & cross my T's and smile a lot. I've heard a lot of BS stories, and know of two write-ups that should have been warnings. We are all human, and everybody has bad days.
Got checked last night. Party of 2 adults and 2 youth. Warden was very friendly and when I told him I was carrying concealed he just said he would be doing the same on public land and carried on. It was a good experience and I was glad to see a warden in the woods on a Saturday night.
So far, so good on Florida WMAs the last 6 years hunting here.

Most of the FWC officers have been polite and about their business with little more than a license check and a "good luck".

Only one was less than friendly, but this was on an area where two cows (!!!) had been shot and one deer poached in the previous couple of days. I think 6 arrests were made that season at this one WMA, so the officers were a little tight that week.

There are a couple that reside near the public land areas I frequent and we are on a first name basis now.

I've found that being patient, polite, and friendly usually gets you reciprocation from law enforcement, especially from the country folk that populate our FWC and seem to be reading from the same sheet of music.
Generally good. I always possess the right licences, permits, tags, etc., and play by the rules. Had a funny experience about thirty years ago north of Pensacola. Met a game warden while walking down a dirt road in a WMA. After a license check, he offered me a ride back to my truck. Along the way, I mentioned I was a Country musician and which nightclub I played at in Pensacola.
The next weekend, there he was, at a table with about a dozen other guys and gals. Every one of them were Florida Wildlife Officers! He called me over to his table, introduced me to his colleagues, and proceeded to buy me shot after shot all night long! Whatta night!
Now, for my less "happy" game warden story.
One week before archery season in 1988, I was scouting a place that was opening to hunting for the very first time, Arbuckle WMA. I'd never been there, so at sunrise, I parked my truck outside the locked gate, hoisted a bicycle over the gate, and proceeded to roam all over the place.
After a few miles the sugar sand in the trails became too soft for a bike, so I parked it and continued on foot, looking for sign, and marking likely Opening Day stand locations with "Brite Eyes" and orange surveyor's tape.
I had been doing this for several hours when I heard a vehicle coming up behind me. Off in the distance I saw a Game Warden's jeep with one officer sitting on the hood, looking at my footprints in the sand, while the other one drove.
I waited on the trail for them to catch up with me. Naturally, they wanted to know what I was doing. They had been following my trail from the where I'd parked my truck.
I told them I was scouting. I was in a pretty good mood and had all the proper paperwork.
One of them kept looking at the daypack I was carrying. Then he asked to look inside, because he said he had heard someone shooting a .22 pistol in the area where he found me.
I handed it over with a smile. Nothing in there but lunch, soda pop, surveyor's tape, "Brite Eyes", binoculars, etc.
I kept smiling, even though I knew he had lied through his teeth. I had been walking those trails for hours and hadn't heard a single gunshot all morning. In fact, those two game wardens were the first sign of human life I'd seen.
He was just on a "fishing expedition", hoping to get lucky and find a pistol in my daypack.
That lie really shook my faith in law enforcement people. What else do they lie about?
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Hmm,that makes me think,I have never had a game warden stop me and check me,a fish warden once and he was cool,but no game wardens.I do know 3 game wardens 1 is a ok guy he is by the book and tough but he is just doing his job and doing a good job of it,the other 2 are bigger criminals than the people they arrest,I went to school with one and his family shoots more deer with a light than anyone else I know.
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I have always had very positive experiences with the guys in our areas. In fact, I have been hunting with most of them at different times, one even on an out of state deer hunt.
There's one around here who has his head up his arse and his badge inflated his.ego so much he can no longer remove his head from there. One year he about ran me into the ditch on a narrow road just to bust my balls about my tag and license. He didn't bother getting out. I pulled off to give him room to get by and he kept moving closer till I was almost in the ditch. He then asked fir my info through the window and had me show him my rifle to make sure it was unloaded. Another time we were fishing under an overpass and I had brought my rifle in case we saw a coyote and had it on my back unloaded. He pulled up to the truck which was left unlocked and came asking for my buddy by name. Said he looked through the truck and found his registration and that's how he knew his name. He then asked why I had a rifle and why I hadn't left it in the truck. My answer was there's too many Aholes like yourself who don't or can't stay out of people's trucks and the last thing I need is my 800 bucks disappearing. He puffed up and after checking licenses he left poutting because he found no violations and we didn't put up with his crap.
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Game wardens are a bunch or wannabes that were picked on in school. They want more than anything to write you a ticket and think they have all the power in the world because they have a badge. Haven't met one yet that doesn't automatically think you broke the law and starts trying to get you. Thank goodness they have never been able to scrounge up anything against me but they dang sure have tried.