Where to shoot a hog

Anyone know of a inexpensive place to hog hunt in Oklahoma? A newbie to hog hunting and would love to go. What is best time of year to go? New to PM Ras well and would appreciate any info. Thanks
Quote:What is best time of year to go?

Hogs seem to be most reliable in late summer and late winter to early spring. That is when they are most likely to hit feeders.

Once acorns start falling, and deer season rolls around they turn extremely nocturnal and almost seem to disappear.
Your probably rite Kizmo they probably do more damage then its worth to have them around to hunt, I'm considering saving up some money to go on an out of state hog hunt though..
Texas or California on private property!

Heres my latest dispatched texas hog. I took this one last week during my last days of leave. Single boar, normally i run into sounders of a minimum of low 20s.

Since im no longer able to hunt my spot since being stationed elsewhere when i came back i saw around 20-30acres of hog devastation. It seems i missed the group while away and they moved on for a bit. Before i was stationed here the neighboring property had trapped 76.

So i know theyll be back as we typically always have high numbers of hogs and deer activity.

This one was dispatched with my newest rifle which may become my primary chambered in 6.5 creedmoor.
Right between the eyes with a .308 Dennis Quackenbush airgun works pretty good too at 40 yards. Granted it is a lot of work to get that close but man what a thrill! He flopped for a food 5 minutes going nowhere....

It is easier if you go for the shoulder shot because you have a higher chance of killing the hog with out it running away, I usually go for a head shot though because it is a cleaner kill but it depends on how experienced and how far away you are. I have shot some big hogs from time to time, and most of them have been head shots. I use a Tikka T3 22-250, with grey tip bullets for head shooting, but if you are aiming for the lungs or heart I would recommend hollow points just to be safe.
A Texas answer to eating boars. In my neck of the woods the good ole boys use dogs and horses or atv's to catch them, castrate, we call them barred, and turn them loose. That way you hunt the same hog twice. Lots of dogs cut up and killed doing this. Catching boar hogs with big teeth in thickets and old tree tops will get your blood flowing and.draining if.you aint.careful.
I'm taking my son hog hunting next year. Neither of us have ever done it. I absolutely cannot wait till then. Especially after reading this thread. thanks all of you. What are you guys shooting for ammo out of the .223 and .308?
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I've had them walk from a high shoulder shot with a 300wm and had them DRT from m855 2 inches lower. Shot placement is everything with pigs.