Where to shoot a hog

Originally Posted By: YellowhammerHow many did you shoot behind the ear with a .308 that ran off?

I don't think Hogzilla could stand very many of those!
Hey, I want to go Hog hunting over on a Lease we own, But I'm limited to what weapons I have. I have a Marlin .22 Rifle. And 20 Gauge. what would you reccomend. Also I saw a Youtube video that said if you use a .22 killing range is within 45 Yds. And it said 'Shoot right behind the ear and they will go down in a heart beat', any tips would be great.
P.S. They are tearin up the place!
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Never killed a hog myself..
A group of us including my son (8 years almost 9 old).. are doing a hog hunt in a couple months.. my son is deadly with his 22 rim fire but he gets a bit recoil/noise sensitive when I've up the caliber to 223...
I have a 22 hornet that he shoots well.. would it get the job done at relatively short range? 25 to 50 yards with a solid bullet??

This would be his first big game and I want it to be a positive experience..
I would personally recommend the 223. Let him practice with it and he should be fine. The 22 is just to small. If he is shy of the 223 that tells me he hasn't shot a lot. So shot placement during the heat of battle right behind the ear with all his adrenaline running would likely result in a miss or just wounding the animal. And nobody wants that.
I can understand about your son with the .223, I would recommend the .22, use a hollow point, BUT the get a lethal shot, I shoot right around the EYE area, also to get a close shot, us the Buck Bomb, called 'Fruit Punch' i have had excellent results on them coming in close. Can get it on Amazon...
But I do agree with Deltadawg
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Guys I am shooting a 308 using 168gr Amax bullets. I am here to tell you 223 is way too small. In fact 300 Win mag is too small. I have been hunting a High Fence area to remove the Hogs and they want even the dead ones removed. Their Hogs are old and exceptionally large. My 308 just will not kill them with a shoulder shot. I have waited to get them quartering away and still had most of them run off. I hit some so hard it took them off their feet. I have hit several between the eyes to see them fall unconscious, only to lay a few minutes then get up and run off. The only shot is behind the ear or way up high in the middle of the back to break the spine. Put it in your mind when you pull the trigger that a follow up shot will be needed.
I've shot a few hogs with my 6.8 spc 90 gr Gold Dot Bullets. Have had great success with this bullet shooting the hogs behind the ear or behind the shoulder. They run about 40 yards with the shoulder shot but the ear shot typically drops them where they stand.
I'd never try to shoot a hog in the shoulder or head. I've killed about 400 of the stinking things on the farm with a 223 shooting 77gr SMKs. Then stepped up to a 6.8 and 120gr SSTs and killed about 450 more with it.

Here is the only one I killed with a bolt action in the last 6 years. 68gr PPU Match bullet in a savage 20".
Good example of where to hit them.
I've seen way too many run off from a head on headshot. Their skulls are pretty thick and a perfect angle to skip a round. Knocks them out for a minute [beeep].

(Photobucket sucks)
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Photobucket sucks....

But draw a line from the ear to the shoulder point.. Put a bullet in there and they die.
This is the one i had linked from photobucket in the post above.
69gr PPU match bullet in a 223.

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I have always been told that the ideal archery shot against hogs is a quartering away shot; that way you don't have to try shooting straight through the shoulder to hit the heart, you can just go behind the shoulder at an angle.