White Oak Armament Complete 204 R upper 1st impression


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I am fairly new to the AR world, have a 223, decided to get a 204 Ruger as I really like that round, buddy suggested the WOA. So, I got the 24" varmint edition, put it on last weekend, 1st 50 rounds and have 2 groups that are 1 hole, 1 is litterally 1 hole and 2nd are stacked on top of each other vertically. Also tried out the Brass Goat brass catcher, worked perfectly. Shot the groups at 100 yrds, indoors, 32gr vmax, 3950 fps. I am going to have some fun in the P dog towns this summer!
Hard to be White Oak products in my opinion. The only reason I wouldn’t buy from them would be to get a cartridge chambering they don’t offer. Have 223, 22 Nosler, and 6.8 SPC barrels from them, with another 22 Nosler on the way. 204 is on my list, but currently using my Kimber 84M Varmint for that cartridge.