Who Hunts Suppressed??

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Guys I've been hunting and shooting suppressed now about the last 20 years in the civilian world and have seen a LOT of changes over the years.

Back then it was taboo to even be seen with a suppressor and now it seems to me that our culture has changed and most are hunting with a suppressor.

2023, what say you guys, curious who's currently hunting suppressed???

How has running a suppressor changed your hunting style?

What advantages and disadvantages have you seen?
One of the best decisions I’ve made was to go suppressed.
Like crapshoot said, I believe the upside far outweighs the downside.

I avoided them for years for various reasons, wait, cost, etc.

When I got into thermals, I found out I wasn't as incognito as I thought I was.

And down the hole we went......
I never wanted to get into the suppressor game. Figured I didn’t need it and didn’t like the long wait period. Last year I got a suppressor and I’m wondering why it took me so long to do it. I should have done this a long time ago. So much more enjoyable to shoot with and hunt with
Originally Posted By: ErmineI got a suppressor and I’m wondering why it took me so long to do it. I should have done this a long time ago. So much more enjoyable to shoot with and hunt with

That is the typical response most have, I know it was for me. The idea of paying all my money up front then having to sit and wait 9-12 months before I could take it home was always what caused me to pass and say nahhh. Then, the obvious hit me in the head like Thor's hammer and I realized if I would have taken the plunge in to suppressor land I would already be through the waiting period and instead of still thinking about it I'd already have the dam thing and be enjoying it. So I took the leap and bought my first three all at the same time, a 223 centerfire can and two rimfire cans.

Like many of you I got in to suppressors quite some time ago and it seemed like everyone was running more caliber specific cans. Now, the technology has progressed to where if you get a good quality 30 cal can they're about as quiet or even sometimes quieter on everything 30 cal and smaller as our caliber specific cans were and they're often lighter too.

A good quality 30 cal can and a rimfire can like TBAC 22 Take Down or Dead Air Mask 22HD and you'll be pretty well covered. Nobody likes to spend more money then they have to but I always suggest people get a rimfire can the same time they're purchasing their first CF can because rimfires are just so darn fun to shoot suppressed.
Yup, multi can guy here. I went foe the SilencerCo 36M and absolutely love it. I shot one of my bucks this year with my .223 with it on and one of my co-workers hunting within 500 yards of me never heard the shot. Another co-worker hunting about a quarter mile from me never heard the shot either. I shot from within a blind, and generally had my ears rung when I shoot the AR in there. Not a problem any more.

With it on my 300blk loaded with Hornady 190gr SUB-X running right at 900fps it is ridiculously quiet and the action working is loader than the round going off. I've shot one coyote with this load through the front shoulders and it was devastating. This will be my hog round when we head to OK.

On my home defense AR9 it is extremely quiet shooting subsonic. The action working and the bullet hitting the target is louder than the round going off. Great for home defense.
I got my first can (46cal Griffin Bushwacker) in December. Before purchasing I'd planned to get one for several years, so built a good stable of rifles ready to accept it. I have a 30cal Chimera coming any day now as well.

For most rifles, there isn't a terrible advantage to hunting suppressed; it still isn't hearing safe so I'd have plugs anyways. I'd use it if it was convenient. I'm going on a prairie dog hunt and all rifles are set up for the suppressor, so I will use it, to cut down on general noise and make the game less wary.

I have a home range so there is value in the reduced concussion within my shooting house and to be kinder to my neighbors.

The one major exception is I built a 16.25" 458 SOCOM bolt action with the intent to always shoot suppressed. With the suppressor it's no different to wield than any 23" rifle, and it's hearing safe shooting subsonics. My hunting property has almost no shots over 150 yds so this will work. Subsonic 500gr copper Maker bullets open well over an inch, closer to 1.5", I have no doubt they will put deer down. Intend to test this fall.
Everything I shoot and hunt with now is suppressed, and has been for 6-8 years now. Well, with the exception of shotgun and handgun. On our trust (my immediate family) are 4 .30 cal cans, 2 rimfire cans, and a 5.56 can.

I was the first one in my local hunting circle who got a suppressor. But after that they all fell like dominoes pretty quickly. Within 2-3 years after that pretty much everyone I hunt with has at least 1 or 2 of them.

The only downsides are extra length/weight, and it makes an AR run dirty. Pluses include helping to save what hearing I have left, less intrusion and concern from others who hear me shoot, overall a much more pleasant shooting experience, and less disturbance of whatever I am hunting. For sure I have had some follow up and second shots I doubt I would have had shooting unsuppressed. And I have called up a lot more coyotes 5-10 minutes after an initial shot that I doubt I would have if I had been shooting unsuppressed.

For sure it has made me transition into shorter, lighter weapons in general. As I age the weight is a bigger issue and with a can now I work pretty hard trying to keep things short and light.
Yep. Have three and soon to be ordering another.


Less felt recoil, much quieter especially if I run subsonic loads in a bolt gun, less muzzle flash, and better accuracy in most cases.


Auto actions run much dirtier; barrel gets hotter faster, can & will burn (with multiple rounds fired rapidly) the heck of you/stuff if you don't have a cover and/or not paying attention to where you're sitting it down (touching stuff). Let's not forget about the additional cost of the stamp and wait times.
I didn't use one until AZ made night hunting legal. I got my first one to try and keep disturbances to a minimum, including law enforcement contacts at night. Now I have 3 of them and when I hunt states where they are not legal it feels odd.

The biggesr benefits are being able to hear my stands clearly and quick follow up shots. Length and weight are the only serious drawbacks I see.

Good luck and good hunting...

Like others, I got my first can once I started running thermals. After a year I recently got my paperwork in on a 2nd one, for my wife/son to use on the 2nd thermal gun. I swap it to my day gun and back as needed. My son recently shot his first coyote with my 243 day gun and the lack of recoil and muzzle report surprised him, and for now, I'll just be the pack mule carrying gear to stands and he can pull the trigger!
Only con is the wait time and end cost. But ultimately it's worth every hard earned penny, and I have a feeling I'll have a 3rd soon enough.
I am constantly killing things on my land. There are neighbors around. Not too many. Some are closer than others.

I think it is nice to minimize the noise. I don't believe anybody ever gets irritated by the occasional crack that sounds very similar to a 22LR. If they even hear it.

I have heard it is more difficult to pin point where the noise is coming from also. Not sure if that is true?
Originally Posted By: SnowmanMo Length and weight are the only serious drawbacks I see.

Good luck and good hunting...


Instead of drawbacks, I just see length and weight as controlled variables. The old golf bag approach. I have rifles that wear a can and remain short and nimble, and I have rifles that wear a can and remain hyper performant. And variations along the gradient. Pick the one that seems to suit the situation.

I have never used a rifle with out a suppressor. It’s essential in my opinion, especially over here.
Rimfire and CF rifles are all threaded and makes daily use of the rifle especially at night that bit more user friendly and doesn’t annoy the neighbours.

As has been mentioned before, the only drawback is extra weight. This doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It is far outweighed by the advantages it brings.

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