Wild Cherry closed reed——SOLD!


Custom Call Maker
I just finished up this closed reed distress made out of Arkansas Wild Cherry. I harvested and stabilized this wood myself. I'll be honest. I really like this stabilized Wild Cherry a lot and wish I had more of it. It is a medium/hard, fine grained wood that turns and finishes really nice, and every blank usually has a little character in it somewhere. Plus it has a touch of pinkish/orange tint to it that is different than a lot of the woods I use for calls. This call is 1 1/8" diameter widest point at the bell and 3 1/8" long.

This call is voiced as a double reed cottontail/young jack distress. One of my favorite reeds with a natural rasp to it, tuned just a little bit. It can play loud or soft but is really at home as a medium volume raspy cottontail. I have made quite a few calls with this reed and it is a killer for sure.

$30 will put it to your door anywhere in the lower 48. Further away or international may need to be adjusted for shipping.



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