Winchester 670?

I had a 670 that was my dad's in 243.

I worked it over and is one of my favorites now.
Originally Posted By: pyscodogNice looking rifle Smokin Barrel. I assume that's a different barrel. It looks a little thicker. Is it still 243?

Yeah, it's still a 243. Just sporting a Bartlein barrel in Rem Varmint contour.
Mine came in a B&C thumbhole stock that I really like. I haven't got to shoot it much as of yet but although not a "Tack Driver", its shoots good enough to hunt with. I got in it so cheap that I'm considering a rebarrel and a trigger. Rifle Basix offers a trigger for $99 that goes down to 12 ounces. Not sure about a barrel or caliber as of yet. I got the Tikka shooting really good so thinking of something else. On a flip side, I have more rifles than I shoot now. Do I really need another? Need? Want? LOL, what's need got to do with it??
Made a decision this morning and decided to sell the 670 at a gun show today. Actually made a couple of bucks off it. I decided to keep the Tikka, as it does shoot really good, and save the money I would have spent on the Winchester. I really didn't need another 6mm right now or another project gun.