Winchester Large Rifle Primers


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What can folks tell me about Winchester Large Rifle Primers, I mainly use Remington 9 1/2 and CCI and Federal. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
That's about all I' ve used for the last 30 years or so. They are about the hottest of the LR primers without getting into magnums. I've had real good luck with them with up to 60-H4831SC in the 270.
I usually prefer the Federal Gold Medal Match, but if that isn't around then the Winchester is a close second choice. Best I can tell they are a fine primer.
I have used them as the first to try when using ball powder....

I used to think they would be good for iginiting ball powder since winchester made 760 & 748 and win primers.....
I use Win LR primers and never had any problems, except finding them now a days.
Now I use what I can find.
They are the type of primer that go bang whe I pull the trigger. While supplies have gotten tight lately, i have been foced to use other primers than usual. I have not noticed a significant difference yet. I have not done extensive testing but have not had any problem with changing brands to WInchester primers. I tend to stay shy of absolute maximum as a rule anyway too. That might help.