Wind, coyotes & red fox


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For those of you with little to no knowledge. Of how wind affects their behaviors. Both canines do not like wind. However, in any wind. They will spend the majority of their time. In areas where wind blows on them the least. Such as in ground cover (timber, CRP, sloughs, ect).

Areas void of ground cover. They seek the down wind areas of less wind. Suchas, the down wind side of hills/ridgelines. Both canines specifically use windward/up-wind areas to get to another down-wind area.
Another behavior worth mentioning is. When both canines are bedded down. The higher the wind speed. The more in alignment with that wind. Their muzzle will be facing down-wind.
They will move when the wind shifts direction. Sometimes just by standing up turning a bit & putting their back towards that wind. Other times by moving out of sight by going over a hill to another wind break area.