WOA 3 gun 18" barrels

Does anybody have any experience with their 3 gun barrels? I want a new relatively light weight barrel. It looks like this is their lightest option with out going custom.
I'm surprised nobody has used them. I know their SPR barrels are highly regarded.
I went ahead and ordered the light weight 1.9 lb 3 gun barrel to replace my 18" Faxon barrel. Everything else that is light weight at WOA is OOS or has a long wait time.
I also ordered a 16" ARP .223 barrel just because. I have a 6.8 barrel of his that shoots great. I figured another .223 wouldn't hurt.

On another note I'm debating on building a .350 legend or 7.62x39 AR. I'll have to think about that more....

I'll be sure to post accuracy results from both WOA and ARP barrels when I receive them.
I don’t have any in that specific profile, but I’d bet on it being a shooter. All my WOA barrels shoot great. Site says it’s the same blanks as the others, just different taper and profiling for less weight. Let us know, thanks.
Just to update:
I received my 18" WOA 3 gun barrel last week. I built it today. Ended up putting it in a Aero upper with a STNGR handguard. I really like them anymore. I just wish they would make a few more different styles of handguards. I have 4 or 5 so a couple are the same.

I topped it with a Diamondback HP 4-16. I also really like the HPs. I've acquired 5 or 6 of them in different magnifications in the last few months. I started with a 2-8x32 I bought of here in the classifieds. I thought it was great so I bought some more on clearance at a few places.

The only scope mount I had handy was a knock off Geisselle somebody at work gave me. It actually worked well.

Last night I had loaded up some 77 gr Nosler CCs and some 75 gr Hornadys with 24 and 24.5 grains of tac. I had done some reading and those were the loads most liked.

I shot 3 55 gr Vmax bullets that I had laying around loaded with x-term to sight in. It was pretty close..
After that I figured id go ahead and see how it would do.
The 24 gr loads were right over MOA. The 24.5 grain loads both shot great, well under an inch.
I'm very happy.
I had some Speer 50 gr bullets that were loaded with Benchmark that shot about 1/2". Also had some 50 gr Speer HPs that went flying every which way and we're coming apart.

I verified the 77 and 75 grain loads again and called it a day.
Temps were chilly in the mid 30s. I only shot around 30 rounds.
I'm very happy with this barrel. I'm sure once it's broken in It will shoot even better.

I'm still waiting on my ARP barrel. I have a side charging BCA upper for it and can't wait to compare it with the WOA. Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow.
Good to hear, I have been on the fence about ordering a WOA barrel for hunting. Would like sub MOA accuracy out to 300, reasonably light. Don't plan on shooting the heavies with it, just hunting bullets.
When you get the ARP barrel, let us know how they compare with the 50-55gr loads. I know it'll be different for everyone, but would be nice to see.
I will. I already received the ARP barrel. Looking with my bore scope I dont like it. The first 1 1/2" at the muzzle looks like something was inside it spinning. There is a spot maybe 1/4 wide wore around the whole barrel inside about an inch in then it's really scratched up in a few places and wore a little again right at the muzzle/crown.

It's all at the first 1 1/2" I'm not sure if it somehow happened when they profiled it or when they chambered it. I sent him an email telling him along with a video but so far I've heard crickets. It's Xmas so he may not be working

It may not effect accuracy. The weather isn't cooperating right now to check. Hopefully later this week I can get it out.

On the other hand the WOA barrel looked really smooth inside and out
Originally Posted By: Coyote-conquest I sent him an email telling him along with a video but so far I've heard crickets. It's Xmas so he may not be working

I was thinking I read somewhere that he sold his company due to moving to the Bahamas or somewhere of that nature and was unable/unfeasible to continue/relocate the business also.
Originally Posted By: Coyote-conquestHe moved to the FL keys as far as I know. He is still selling the .223 barrels but let the other guy take over the 6.8 stuff.

Good to know, thanks.
Another update.
I haven't got a chance to compare accuracy but I did get the ARP barrel out yesterday. I only had about 1 1/2 hours till dark.
I shot about 100 rounds just breaking it in. They were going in around a 5" group but I didn't do any kind of work up and had never even shot W748 before. They were loaded up with 26 grains of W748 topped with 55gr Noslers I had bought at RMR. All loaded in mixed brass. It could've been the bullets or the charge but it didn't like the combo.
I have shot the bullets before but come to think of it I don't think I've ever got a good group with them. I've always used them for plinking. I'll have to do a good work up to see.

I then shot some 77gr Nosler CC I had loaded with 8208XBR in FC brass. I shot 10, 9 we're well under an inch and had 1 about 1/2" away that made it 1 1/4" group.
This was all shot with another Vortex Diamondback HP 4-16x42. Again I can't tell you how much I like these scopes. I have 7 now.

It was getting dark so I was trying to hurry. Trying to let the barrel cool down was eating time. Last group was with some 50 gr Speer SPs . Not sure if they are TNTs or what. I'll have to look. They were loaded with 26 gr of BM. I also had them left over from another project. 5 shots right at an inch. Im Sure I can do better. It was so dark at that point I could barely see. I didn't think they would group at all.

All said I'm very happy with the accuracy of the ARP barrel and definitely recommend it . I did not really want to like it after I scoped the bore but it shoots very great. I'll have to scope it again to see if everything is ironed out.
Next up I'll have to do some proper load work ups for both the WOA and ARP barrels to see how they stack against each other but I'm happy with both
W748 starts to get crazy accurate in the 26.5-27.0 range in NATO chambers.

WSR primers lighting the fire make it just a little more accurate than other brand primers it seems.

What charge range did you run IMR XBR 8208?
Originally Posted By: arlaunchW748 starts to get crazy accurate in the 26.5-27.0 range in NATO chambers.

WSR primers lighting the fire make it just a little more accurate than other brand primers it seems.

What charge range did you run IMR XBR 8208? I'll have to look at my notes but I'm thinking it was 23.8 gr.
Just an update. After spending the day working up and shooting loads I'm really surprised with the results. It's actually opposite of what I thought it would be. These were both shot using Vortex Diamondback HP 4-16x42 scopes
The ARP barrel is so far a lot more accurate. After scoping it when I first received it I thought for sure I had a shotgun. The last 1 1/2" of the muzzle looked horrible.

The WOA was beautiful inside and out. It was lapped and smooth. The trouble is I can't find a consistent load for the it. It will shoot a load fairly good at say .8 MOA or sometimes less but when I verify it it will open by an inch or more. I'm not sure what to think. I'll take it apart and clean it and put it back together making sure everything is tight.

The ARP on the other hand is a laser beam. Shooting 55 gr Vmax with Benchmark loaded and shot one round at a time out of a magazine. I always let the bolt slam home each time. I do it to make sure I don't get a flyer on the first round.
24.5gr-.921 MOA
25gr -.789 MOA
25.5gr- .654 MOA

10 shot group of 25.5 grains was .942 MOA. It just stacks them. I have no doubt this is as good as I can shoot.

25.3 gr of Varget with 69 gr TMKs shot .82 and .79 MOA. That load was pulled from Sierras accuracy load. I would definitely recommend the ARP barrel to anybody looking for a new barrel

I did a full work up with Ramshot X-terminator and some 55 gr Nosler FBSPs I got from RMR a few years ago. Went for 24-26 gr in increments of.3. I couldn't get them to shoot better than 2". I'm pretty sure it's the bullets. Oh well.

I'll update this again after I rebuild the upper with the WOA barrel. I really hope I can get it shooting.
I wouldn't count out the WOA barrel till you get a couple hundred rounds thru it. I have several barrels that were very frustrating at first but after a couple hundred rounds settled in to become tack drivers. Edit to add: I wouldn't be too concerned with thoroughly cleaning it unless I was changing bullets. (switching from VMAX to TMK's etc.)
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I hope you're right. It has close to 200 rounds now and possibly more. I wish I would've actually kept track. I know it's north of 150 by the bag of brass sitting on my bench.

It's just frustrating when a barrel that cost more than $100 less out shoots it by a lot.
I really thought it would be the other way around.
I've never cleaned a barrel in between different bullets unless they are monos. I've never seen a reason to.
I do want to take it apart and clean it just so when I try again I know it's clean and everything is tight. I can also scope it to see if there is something going on with it that I missed.
So maybe I can help you out a little, I have a really nice private range where we train every week and shoot almost every weekend from spring to fall. We have about 8-9 different WOA 18" SPRs there between us. Every single one is a shooter. Our "standard" load for shooting steel is 24gr of TAC, 75BTHP Hornady or 77SMK in matching LC or Starline 556 brass. Every rifle is 3/4 moa or less. The SMKs are a little more accurate but a lot more money. I have ran this load to 1216 in Nevada and full size ipsc is pretty easy.

A GREAT shooting hunting load that I came up with that shoots great in all of them also is 53vmax, 24.7gr of Benchmark, Starline 556 brass.

We all run cci 450 primers in both loads.