Wonders never cease


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A couple of weeks ago, I killed a sow that only had one ear. The other was completely missing and grown over.

This was the first time I had seen that.

Then today after I deer hunted, I filled a couple of feeders and then drove around to my other stand to check my camera cards. While checking the last camera next to my feeder down on the creek, I heard something and turned to see some black shapes about the 3o yards away coming out of the creek. My first thought was hogs, then I saw something that didn't look right. Then I thought dogs?

Then I realized it was indeed hogs, but the one that caught my eye as something off was a hog with NO ears. I fired a shot and they scattered. Sure enough, it was another earless hog. This time, both ears were missing and completely grown over.

My working hypothesis is that these hogs have either been caught by dogs and had their ears torn off and grown over, or it is a birth defect. I am leaning toward the first.

This one was about 30 miles from where I killed the one a couple of weeks ago, and completely on the other side of the lake in a different county.

Definately looks weird when you see them.


It sure does look freaky.. Is your hunting areas all private? You got alot of room to roam..

My pit bull will attack anything! He got on a coyote last yr, ran probably a 1/4 mile to catch him.
They was out of my sight but I heard the ruckus.. Just a minute or so later I see another coyote headed toward the fight..
My dog came running back with a pretty good size gash in his back leg.. He has been neutered, but it appeared thats where the coyote was trying to get at.

Odd looking for sure. Makes you wonder what’s with the earless hogs all of a sudden.
I have hunted hogs for several years in North Texas. Haven’t come across one without ears but I will start paying more attention. Thanks for posting.
I would agree the logical explanation would seem to be dogs, with genetics being a second guess. After that all bets are off. Crazy world we live in.