X-sight HD ll 5x20


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This is a video I shot thru the X-sight 5x20 using the IR supplied with the unit. Distance is approximately 50 yds. using suppressed 308 and sub-sonic rounds. My thermal scope is in the hospital in California for repairs and I use this scope as a stand by. Sorry that the video is ruff.

Hey Larry, the clarity / focus was pretty darn good. Looks like the illuminator worked fine at the 50 yard distance.
I did not recover the hog. I do not like the subsonic, while they are quite they just don't hit hard enough to open up like a regular round. I went back the next night with regular 150 gr. Hornady 308 rounds and took out 3, (2) with one shot. I don't have the same experience as others do with the sub-sonic rounds and maybe it's just me.
Thanks David, have not had the chance to see hogs at greater distances but was happy with the outcome of the IR, but with that said I will be upgrading in the future to a 66XLR.