Yankee Hog Hunting

One of my good friends from Illinois came down to visit me this week and he really never has hunted but wanted to try to do some hog hunting.

We went out a couple days before to check feeders and cameras to see what times were prime for activity. Also for 2 weeks I didn't put any pressure on these honey holes.

The first night, we went to a hay lot with a feeder on the other side of the fence, which usually produces pretty well. One coyote came in to our left which I tried to poke at him with my open sights bolt 308 and missed. We sat out a little longer until the we couldn't handle the coldness any longer. Left around 8:45pm. The following day went to check cameras to see if anything hit that area and not even 15 minutes later after we left, there were hogs that came in right at 9pm...

So after learning are lesson from the night before we dressed a little warmer and we were going to stay out a longer too. Well, nothing showed and it was 10pm, so we decided to go on the other side of the property where I had another feeder set up by a water tank. Not even 5 minutes from sitting down we had some movement, one hog came out to my right that I spotted on my Leupold LTO Tracker but he couldn't find it in the ATN X-Sight and the IR light was bouncing off the switch grass to where the hog came out of the woods.

A few minutes later something smaller like a size of piglet, or a raccoon, or a possum came walking out towards the feeder. I started to give him direction to where the heat signature was at and he found it in the scope and said it was a armadillo, so I went ahead and gave him the green light to let a slug loose.

After me instructing how to turn the on the video filming part on the X-sight, he connected the 6.8 with the armadillo. He was pretty stoked even though it wasn't a hog...

Here is the video:

I'll post pictures whenever photobucket starts working again.