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Just a quick question. What are the territorial characteristics between a coyote and a jackal??

The reason I am asking is I was watching a Africa show the other day and they were hunting jackal. They had some biologist claiming it was more detrimental killing them then letting them alone.

Their reasoning was if you take a male out of his territory and leave the female, more would move in taking his place thus have more per square mile. Just wondering your take on this and would it transfer to coyotes???
I'm not sure. I know next to nothing about jackels since I've never even been to africa.

I have heard that unless you really have a problem with coyote depredation then you should leave them alone. That means the ones you have are not livestock killers.

Once you kill them they WILL be replaced with others. Those may be livestock killers and then you are worse off.

Sheep and goats are by far more succceptable to predation by coyotes than cattle, and sheep andgoats is primarily where jackes cause problems as well.