Yote #3

My favorite is Yote #3 I can appreciate the shot, but the commentary made me smile!

Warning the wife first..."you're going to hear a bang Chelle"....and then comes the reply..... "yes dear". then bang...hahaha Great stuff!! It sounded like you were on the back patio under an awning enjoying a beautiful evening when the shot presented itself. PERFECT!!
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Don't tell anyone about all these coyotes with the .17 HMR. Rumor has it the HMR is a joke. Looks like you dispelled that one, but some still won't buy it. Just goes to show that under certain conditions the HMR does work. What's even better is the range and accuracy the HMR is capable of.

You had coyote #3 dead to rights when he suddenly jumped just as you were squeezing off a shot. Otherwise he most likely would have hit the dirt.

What round / bullet did you use?

Thanks for the videos. This type of review has been long overdue. I think a lot of guys will be interested in your results.

Thanks 6mm06

Its a Savage A17, shooting CCI A17 ammo. The Hornady did not seem to group any tighter for me. The 17hmr sure is a fun round to shoot, but I must admit its not the best round. As others have stated at shorter ranges 50-60 yards its fine. My situation requires 110 yard shots, I need more power while still keeping the peace with the neighbors. I tried a heart lung shot on one coyote, he ran away and I never did find the body. In one of the above vids, the yote ran off to the weeds and the Vultures showed me where he died the next day, 75 yards away. In Yote #5 it took 2 shots. I'm not all that happy about it, but we live and learn. From now on for me, it is head shots ONLY with the 17hmr.

I need to step my game up a bit, figure out the (kinda new) ATN X sight and do 1 inch groups at 110 yards.

There is a new gun in my near future. 17 hornet, 22 hornet, or maybe even a .204

Well I need an excuse to buy a new gun anyhow
Originally Posted By: MrNewbie I need to step my game up a bit, figure out the (kinda new) ATN X sight and do 1 inch groups at 110 yards.
The ballistic calculator on the X-Sight works pretty darn good in my experience. Once you enter your rifle's ballistic data, it is pretty accurate. Taking head shots at 110 yards is achievable, and if you have shorter distances you can make simple changes in the scope's menu to make head shots there as well.

Last May my son and I hunted hogs in Georgia. The first night I sat in a ladder stand overlooking a feeder at 20 yards. I was sighted at 95 yards (my shooting range at home). I entered the new 20-yard distance in the menu after I got to the stand and sometime later made a perfect behind-the-ear shot for a quick kill. The following night I was in a different stand at 120 yards, made the necessary adjustment, and dropped two with head shos at that distance. Get to know the ballistic calculator and it will be your friend.


I can't figure your miss unless the scope wasn't sighted for that distance. Looked like the crosshair dot was right on him.

Also, I see flickering in the scope. What is causing that? I know some of the older generation scopes had that issue.

Stay after it. You will connect sooner or later and make it all worthwhile.
Unbelievable, still stuck on #6.

There is a story on this one. I just happened to look at the security camera screen and there was a yote out in the field, the alarm was not turned on, as I was not looking to shoot. Grabbed the little 17 its clip and the ir light. He's out in the field munching on leftovers, as I have not baited for a few days, he will not be there long. Set everything up on the kitchen table, open the sliding back doors. Everything is all set up, turned on and ready to go.

We have a problem, the Wife is sleeping not 10ft away in the living room chairy.

What's one to do?
I took the shot, there are going to be consequences.
The yote just fell over like a sack of bricks, nailed him. I watched for just a few seconds then had to go face the consequences. Can you believe it, she was not happy about a 17hmr going off at 1:30am waking her from a dead sleep, not happy at all. After 5 min of sucking up, Picked the gun up, and put everything away. I was going to get dressed and go pick up the yote, but I pulled the Sd card to watch the vid first, as I had left the scope on.

Just Unbelievable

That’s hard to figure since you nailed him hard. Must not have hit a good spot. Too bad about the run offs.

While the HMR “is” capable of taking coyotes, it’s not the best choice as you pointed out.

What is the total tally now of kills vs. runoffs?
The total run-off count is 4, 2 of which the bodies were found. 2 excapees that were never found.

Well still using the 17, but from now on every yote is gonna get a couple shots. The 300 blackout is still having issues, so still using the little HMR17.

Anyhow, this one did not get away.

yote # 7