YOUTH PHOTO CONTEST!!! contest is over


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All right guys, we're going to have a hunting photo contest!

The photos can be of coyotes, bobcats, fox, lynx, mountain lion, deer, elk, antelope, upland game, etc. Called in, spot and stalk, hunted with hounds, trapped, all legal forms of taking wild game are accepted.

The rules are simple, you must be under 18 to enter, you had to take the animal(s), and you have to caption the photo, i.e., "My first coyote". If you want to post the whole story with the photo, that would be fine, it's just not required. It would be best if you were in the photo, but you don't have to be as I know you don't always have someone along to take your picture or there's nothing to set the camera on to take it.

The contest will run from today(March 2nd) until next Saturday(March 9th). Redfrog and I will be the judges.
May the best photographer win!


The contest will run until March 16th so hopefully we can have some more participants!


Contest is over... Thanks for posting!

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Here is the prize. An autographed Byron South predator hunting dvd!



This is such a great idea that Ben has, PM is going to sweeten the prize pot with the addition of a genuine PM buckle.

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Me and my dad had been hunting all morning. We had walked several miles. We had seen a little bit of sign but not alot. I was carrying my 7 mag and my bow. I really wanted to get one with the bow, but wasn't going to miss an opportunity with the rifle. We got back to the truck at about 10 AM and I wanted to drive down the road just a little ways to develop a plan for the afternoon. We had gone several miles down the road and I had decided what to do for the afternoon. As we were turning around to head back for lunch, I was glassing and spotted a small group of javelina about 400 yards away. We hid the truck, and hopped out. I was tempted to just shoot from where we were, but I really wanted to get one with the bow. We put a stalk on them and got to 30 yards. I started to draw back, but my dad told me to try to get a little bit closer, because I had about a 20 mph crosswind. I crawled up to a small mesquite, and slowly started to rise up. The javelina spotted me but didn't know what I was. I drew back and shot one that was quartering to me. I took out both lungs. It ran about 40 yards and died

Now for my First Elk:


I had been lucky enough to be able to purchase a youth encouragement cow elk tag. I was so excited. Me and my uncle had done some scouting and had been seeing a lot of elk. We were seeing way more bulls than cows, but I was confident that I would get a chance opening morning.

I got to my spot way before the sun came up. Shortly after me and my uncle got their, another hunter drove up and was going to be hunting the same general area. We hiked out to our spot and started glassing just as it was starting to get light. It didn't take long and we had spotted a few small bulls and some cows about 1000 yards away. We put a stalk on them and got to 480 yards. I was getting set up to take the shot, when 3 shots rang out. It was the other hunters. They weren't on the same elk as I was, but they were close, and spooked the elk I was on. I was frustrated. We kept hunting and about noon, we had spotted another large group of elk about 2 miles away. We debated about what to do and decided to head to the truck and get a little closer. We hiked down the trail, hopped in the truck and drove to the next trail. We hiked in and got onto the group of elk again. I was getting set up to shoot and again somebody else was on the same elk and shot several times, spooking the elk. I was bummed. By this time, we had hiked over 6 miles. It was about 2:45. I was starting to think about what we would do the next day. We decided to hike around and see if we could pick up the group of elk again. While we were glassing, my uncle called me over and asked me to look through his big eyes and tell me if I thought it was an elk. I looked through and there were about 30 elk in the view. They were about a mile away and by this time, it was about an hour before dark. We decided to put the stalk on them and got to about 650 yards, when we were busted by one of the bulls in the group. We froze for a few minutes and the bull resumed feeding. We closed the distance to 550 yards and I set up to shoot. I dialed my Leupold scope on my 7 mag in. I took the shot and she dropped right there. It was about 5 mins before end of legal shooting time. I was excited, but knew we had alot of work ahead of us. We didn't even find the elk until 6:30, long after it had been dark. We gutted and took pictures, and decided to come back early the next day to pack it out. By the end of the day, we had walked over 12 miles.
The perfect Daddy/Daughter Day!

I did not get to hunt deer as much as usual with my dad (Ursus21) this past season. I was involved with high school volley ball and it took up a lot of time during hunting season. My dad and I made it out on a couple evenings, but just didn't have a lot of luck. Then towards the very end of the season a friend of my dad invited us to come up and hunt on his place. We got there before first light. As dark shadows of early morning turned into recognizable forms we made out several does and a couple small bucks. I wanted something a little bigger so I held out. We saw deer most all morning but nothing I wanted. Then around ten in the morning this buck walked out. I got my rifle steady and downed him with one shot from my 7mm08. My dad and friend were with me the whole time and it was a super fun day!
All right guys and gals, I'm going to extend the deadline of this contest to next Saturday(the 16th), so hopefully we can get some more participants..

All right, CoyoteHunter, you are the winner of the autographed Byron South DVD! PM 1953 and he will get it delivered to you..
Horsesandhunting, you are the winner of the Predator Master belt buckle! You may PM me or Redfrog and the buckle will be sent your way...