Banish 22k


Finally started the process with Silencer central and I got the Banish 30 and they had a promotion for free 22k. They say it isnt rated for more than 22lr, has anyone tried it woth 17hmr?
I did the same for the Cyber Monday sale. Says on their site under the description and spec's for the Banish 22 that it will also work on the 22 Hornet, 17HMR and even the 5.7x28. So what is the difference between the 22k and the 22? I have to call them tomorrow, so I'll ask.
I was told on the phone that day it will not hamdle 17hmr and they were trying to get me to upgrade to 22 banish instead. I cant seem to fjnd specs on the 22k anywhere though
I read some reviews on some other sites and decided to change my order from the 22k to the Banish 22. Seems like it is a waste of a tax stamp to get the 22k.
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